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In stairwells, corridors, restrooms, and backstage theatrical spaces – Kirlin’s nightlights, steplights, and wall sconces light the way.

Wayfinding Solutions from Kirlin

Kirlin’s NightLights (which direct light to the floor) and StepLights (which project light forward to illuminate steps/stairwells) are available in many formats: louvered, lensed, vandal resistant, wet location, thru-the-wall, color-specific, photocell-sensored, square, rectangular, and round, just to name a few. Our sconces are ADA-compliant, with optional color filters that provide a delightful edge glow to match any customer’s color scheme. Branding, logos, or wayfinding instructions can also be incorporated in the center field, making the Kirlin sconce a versatile option for both decoration and direction.

With all illumination, but especially wayfinding products, color is crucial.  Using Kirlin's -RA Red/Amber filter helps to promote sleep and melatonin production in dormitories, barracks and bedrooms.

Also find your way to our Patient Spaces for more ways to illuminate your path!

Wayfinding FAQ

  • Do you have wayfinding solutions for healthcare spaces?

    Yes! Please take a look at our Patient Spaces family for healthcare wayfinding solutions.
  • Do you have vandal-resistant options?

    Yes, Kirlin offers vandal-resistant fixtures with tamperproof screws, and thicker lenses for those areas where that may be a concern.
  • Do you have photocell controlled options?

    Yes, please look for the -PC option on the spec sheet for photocell controlled solutions. If you don't see if listed, please reach out and see if it can be done!