Product Family


A full family of over 80 recessed and surface-mounted discrete LED luminaires, the Latitudes Series includes tailored solutions for nearly every environment.

Discrete Diode LED Lighting

Precise optical control is a crucial element in the lighting design of any sophisticated space. The discrete LED diodes and beam-shaping optics of the Latitudes Series provide exacting control over high-performance illumination, while meeting strict environmental controls such as the NSF 2 sanitation rating, IP65 or IP66 ingress protection, and ISO 5 / Class 100 cleanroom certification. For specialty applications, the Latitudes series features ligature-resistant luminaires, specialty fixtures for saunas or steam rooms, flagpole lights, and more.

Exceptional illumination creates brilliant and inviting spaces. Latitudes products combine optical control, attractive finishes, and high quality materials to help commercial settings shine.

Latitudes FAQ

  • Do you offer a fire-rated box for your fixtures?

    Yes, we can modify many of our light fixtures to accept a fire-rated box for those applications where that’s required.
  • Can these be installed in pools?

    Yes, all of our Latitudes line has a -NAT natatorium option for use in pools, indoor water parks and spas.