Sample Cases

Seeing is Believing

If you’d like to see one of our sample cases in person, please fill out the contact form below with which case(s) you’re interested in and someone with get back to you shortly!

MRL-2 Sample Case

  • Static White: MRL-02SWM
    • 2′ 3500K 90+ CRI white fixture
    • 0-10V Dimmer
  • RGBW Color Changing: MRL-02CCM
    • 2′ RGB+ 4000K white fixture
    • Plug-In Distribution Box
    • DMX Controller

Hitsville Sample Case

  • Hitsville Task Light: MTT-03TSK
    • 300 lumen, 3500K, MFL fixed LED module
    • Silver enamel oval faceplate
    • Touch sensitive dimming
    • Behavioral wall bracing
  • Hitsville Nightlight: MTT-03NLT
    • Low output 590nm amber LED module
    • White rectangular faceplate
  • Adjustable Task Light Assembly
    • 300 lumen, 3500K, NFL adjustable LED module

Symphony Sample Case

  • SSR-06602 6″ Downlight
    • SofTex Trim
    • 4000L, 3500K, MFL LED
    • Prismatic Glass Lens
  • Trims
    • 4″ Square SofTex Trim with Frosted Microprismatic Lens
    • 4″ Square Bronze Trim with Prismatic Lens
    • 4″ Square White Trim with Microprismatic Lens
    • 4″ Round Silver Trim with White Acrylic Lens
    • 4″ Round Specular Trim with Prismatic Glass Lens
    • 4″ Round Black Trim with Microprismatic Lens