Best Practices 2022

Healthcare Lighting Best Practices: Lighting the Modern Hospital (8 Credits)

Topics Include:

  • Trends in Healthcare
  • Optimal lighting for the following departments: Patient Room, ICU, NICU, MRI, Labor & Delivery, Behavioral Health, Cath Lab, Operating Room
  • Circadian Lighting Systems: To “Tune or Not to Tune”
  • Studies on Lighting and Its Effects on Patient Health
  • RP-29 Review and Practices (IES)

Best Practices: Lighting the Modern Hospital (1 AIA-HSW or NCQLP Credit)

Topics & Objectives:

  • Major trends in healthcare lighting
  • Importance of infection control
  • Deep dive into the lighting needs of 10 critical areas of the hospital
  • IES recommended practice for healthcare facilities
  • Clinical benefits of recessed exam lighting

Better Apart: The Benefits of Remote-Mounted LED Drivers (1 AIA or NCQLP Credit)

Topics & Objectives:

  • Environments that require or benefit from remote-mounted LED power supplies
  • Best practices for system design and configuration
  • Control options for dimming, color-changing, and scene synchronization
  • Radio frequency filtering in the MRI suite and laboratory spaces
  • Frequently forgotten questions

Lighting for MRI Suites, Stand-Up MRIs, and Hybrid OR (1 AIA-HSW or NCQLP Credit)

Topics & Objectives:

  • What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and how does it work?
  • Special requirements of the MRI suite
  • Three necessary components for successful MRI lighting
  • Popular design techniques in the MRI suite
  • Frequently forgotten questions

Color and Light: Color Rendering, CCT, and Tunable White (1 AIA-HSW or NCQLP Credit)

Topics & Objectives:

  • Measuring color rendition with TM-30 and extended CRI
  • An intro to color science and the black body curve
  • Ideal CCT specification for various healthcare applications
  • Control options for tunable white and circadian systems
  • Color tuning vs. intensity tuning vs. stimulus tuning vs. circadian supporting static color

Humancentric Lighting and the WELL Standard (1 AIA-HSW or NCQLP Credit)

Topics & Objectives:

  • Introduce the WELL Building Standard
  • Identify the 10 concepts that comprise the WELL approach to occupant wellness
  • Three levels of certification: Silver, Gold, & Platinum
  • Deep dive into WELL’s pre-conditions and optimizations associated with “Light”