For more than 125 years, Kirlin has been dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable solutions for architectural spaces.

State-Of-The-Art LED Luminaires for Commercial, Residential, & More

Founded in 1895 by Otis Kirlin, one of America’s earliest adopters of electric lamp technology, Kirlin has been a leader in architectural lights since day one. Today, the world’s most storied architectural spaces feature Kirlin luminaires — from the White House to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Turkel House. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing Kirlin’s full line of precision LED luminaires at our Detroit, MI headquarters.

Hallmarks of Kirlin Value

Three Pillars of Engineering Excellence

Kirlin fixtures are engineered to last for decades.

Our luminaire designers approach each new product opportunity with the same goal: to provide a best-in-class solution suited to the unique environment and specifier’s present and future objectives.

The result is a full array of LED products that deliver dependability, function, longevity, efficiency, and form.

    Kirlin’s acrylic enameled gold aluminum housing is rust-proof, corrosion resistant, and proven to withstand the ASTM 1,000 hour salt spray test. Most importantly, components in a Kirlin housing operate 5°C cooler than in an identical steel housing, enabling safe contact with insulation (Type IC) up to 4000L.
    All Kirlin products are designed with long-term sustainability in mind. Modular construction promotes seamless upgrades to the latest, greatest, most energy efficient source technology, and cost-effective remodeling without disruption of existing ceilings. Fixture components are visible and conveniently serviceable through the luminaire aperture.
    LED source modules, specialty optics, lenses, diffusers, and reflectors work in harmony to produce the optimal beam pattern for any application. Clean, architectural cutoffs and high quality one-piece anodized trims minimize glare. Precisely engineered optical design maximizes visual comfort while delivering high light levels efficiently.

Architectural FAQ

  • Do you offer custom colors?

    Yes, we offer custom colors for most of our products. Just look under Trim Options for a “-94” for custom color specification.
  • Can you offer a modification or customization to your fixtures?

    Of course! Since our fixtures are made in our Detroit factory, we can handle modifications on a variety of products. If you’re looking for a truly custom fixture, please reach out and we will be happy to look into it for you.