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Patient Spaces

Kirlin strives to significantly reduce the spread of contaminants through the development of thoughtful lighting features.

Exceptional Lighting for Any Hospital Space

Kirlin Lighting provides comprehensive LED lighting solutions for all public and clinical areas in the hospital. Our high quality lighting enables greater control and creates safer environments—while reducing overall operating costs. Discover products from super shallow downlights for crowded plenums to “Level 3” infection control for sterilized locations.

Best Practices: Lighting the Patient Room

Want to take a spin around a modern patient room? Join the Kirlin team for a tour!

You’ll find out about:

  • What the top complaints are from patients and how to help solve them
  • The four zones of a patient room
  • Performance- and budget-driven solutions for each zone
  • Project examples
  • … and more!

Kirlin’s Infection Control Levels

Level 1 Infection Control: BioGard Antimicrobial Finish
Level 2 Infection Control: BioGard Antimicrobial Finish, IP65 or IP66 Sealed Trim
Level 3 Infection Control: BioGard Antimicrobial Finish, ISO 5 / Class 100 Sealed "Cleanroom" Fixture with IP65 trim

Patient Spaces FAQ

  • Do you offer shallow depth fixtures for crowded plenum spaces?

    Yes! Kirlin has a host of shallow fixtures for public spaces, patient rooms and even showers!
  • Do you offer static green fixtures for Operating Rooms?

    Yes, we have a static 521nm Level 3 protection fixture for use in ORs.
  • Why would you want a sealed fixture for patient spaces?

    Kirlin offers multiple different levels of infection control, which has become even more critical in our current environment. This helps mitigate pathogens moving from room to room and makes it easier to clean.