Cardiac Cath & EP Lab

Sealed motorized exam lights, fixed exam lights, and ambient downlights are a must-have in sterile, cluttered Cardiac Cath and EP labs

Kirlin Cardiac Catheterization Lab Solutions

The Cardiac Cath Lab is a specialized room designed for minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. The lab contains sophisticated ceiling-mounted imaging equipment, used to evaluate blood flow to and from the heart. To perform these tests, clinicians first insert a catheter into the patient’s groin, arm, or neck. The need to support different catheterization sites, combined with the dynamic positioning of the imaging equipment and patient transfer table, make the Cath Lab a perfect fit for recessed motorized exam lights.

In many Cath Labs, recessed exam lights must be positioned far from the patient transfer table to accommodate the other equipment in the room. The 45 degree angle of INFRALED PRO 45 ensures that the patient can be properly illuminated in every configuration.

In addition to the procedural lights, Cath Labs will also need sealed healthcare downlights, and sometimes adjustable downlights, around the perimeter.

Cath Lab Best Practices

Looking for more detail on what products and features to consider in Cardiac Cath Lab settings? Take a look at this “Best Practices” webinar recording, featuring the Kirlin team.

You’ll learn all about:

  • Using IP66-rated INFRALED PRO recessed motorized exam lights to get around ceiling obstacles
  • Sealed downlights for infection control
  • Adjustable exam lights to illuminate the transfer table
  • Optimal Cath Lab room layouts
  • Major mistakes to avoid
  • … and more!

Cardiac Cath & EP Lab FAQ

  • How many motorized exam lights are needed in each Cath Lab?

    We recommend 4. As the patient table moves during the Cath Lab procedures, doctors need shadow-free illumination of the upper body and the lower body, which is easily accomplished with a four-light system: two lights oriented over the upper body and two over the lower body, with all four luminaires controlled via a single wall panel and remote control.
  • Which infection control level should I use in a Cath Lab?

    Kirlin recommends Level 2 (IP6X trim with antimicrobial finish) or Level 3 (cleanroom-rated with antimicrobial finish) for these spaces.
  • What if I need more than 45 degrees of tilt from the motorized exam light in a Cath Lab?

    We offer a special high-angle accessory for the PRO 45 which adds 15 degrees of tilt, getting to 60 degrees total (in one direction). Simply specify Option -81 as part of your PRO 45 part number.
  • Can Kirlin help me with a Cath Lab layout?

    Yes! Please feel free to contact us for layout assistance. It’s so much easier to solve any space challenges before the designs are finalized.