Tucson Medical Center CCU

Tucson, AZ

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: MRR-08535 & MRR-08835

Kirlin Rep: RC Lurie Company

When Tucson Medical Center updated their Cardiac Cath Lab, they utilized Kirlin’s MRR-08835, 8” sealed downlights, as well as our 8” sealed adjustable exam lights, MRR-08535, to achieve the necessary light levels around the perimeter of the lab and on the patient table. They positioned the adjustable exam lights along the side of the patient table, with the adjustable light head aimed at the table to ensure those high light levels required in a CCU. Everything in this room is dimmable as well, so they can achieve the footcandle levels they need during prep and catheter insertion but can also dim down to a low light level during diagnostic procedures that rely heavily on those monitors.