Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Minneapolis, MN

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: MRR-08530, MRR-08535 & MRR-08870

Specifier: Dunham Ass. Minneapolis, MN

State-of-the-Art Hybrid Operating Rooms combine surgical procedures with real-time imaging, also known as IMRI (intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging), most frequently used for intracranial neurosurgical procedures. Medical teams are able to view the results of surgical procedures while the patient is still in the sterile environment of the OR, where additional surgical intervention may be conducted immediately based on the imaging results.

Two traditional OR suites were renovated to become Hybrid Operating Rooms. Kirlin all aluminum white and green LED Clean Room Rated recessed adjustables and downlights with remote drivers, provide exceptional illumination within and outside the laminar flow ceiling.  Individually controlled luminaire dimming down to 0.2% from conveniently located remote drivers ensures high visual acuity of monitors located around the perimeter.

Kirlin was specified due to the superior, documented 5000L photometric performance, the certified Clean Room rated luminaires, the shallow recessed depth, the matching 8″ apertures of downlights or adjustables, plus the tried-and-true remote driver system, perfected over a decade in thousands of MRI applications worldwide.