Kirlin’s low-glare, chlorine-resistant lighting solutions provide long lasting illumination in harsh pool environments

Make a Splash with Kirlin’s Pool Lights

Natatoriums, or public pools, water parks and spas require lights that are specifically designed to resist the wet, chlorinated, halogen gas environment that they will be installed in. All Kirlin natatorium-rated luminaires sport requirements of:

  • Corrosion and rustproof: exceeding ASTM 1000-hour salt spray test
  • U.L. Listed Wet Locations: suitable in moist and wet environments
  • Electrically isolated and gasketed trims: safety from shock hazard
  • Sealed LED printed circuit board: protected from corrosive halogen gas environment

Kirlin offers natatorium solutions from small 2″ pinhole fixtures, all the way up to a 20,000 lumen option to give you the tools you need to design your pool projects.

Want to dive into the deep end of pool lighting? Take a look at some of the projects that Kirlin has done over the years.

Natatorium FAQ

  • What does Natatorium mean?

    A natatorium is just a fancy word for an indoor pool.
  • Do you offer a submersible pool light?

    Kirlin does not offer lighting designed to be installed inside the pool itself, rather products to light the overall space, including bleachers, walkways, etc.