Visual art museums, science centers, historic homes, and children’s museums trust Kirlin products to create the right environments for appreciation, learning, and immersion

Solutions for Museum Lighting

Museums, science centers, and other places where areas are showcased need discreet lighting that doesn’t take away from the artwork or the magic of the room.  These fixtures also need high color rendering so that the colors and details pop when visitors look at the displays.  Spaces such as these sometimes also have tall ceilings, where high output fixtures or a Symphony solution would be ideal.  Kirlin’s wet listed direct/indirect cylinders are a good choice when lighting up exterior columns flanking the entry to draw sightseers in and welcome them.

Museum FAQ

  • Do you offer high CRI solutions?

    We offer 80+ or 90+ CRI solutions to meet your projects needs as well as a Xicato Artist series LED in our XR products when 95+ CRI is needed.
  • Why use LED over traditional sources like halogen?

    LED fixtures emit less heat and UV than traditional lamping solutions. They also can be used in many form factors and have high lumen solutions for areas with high ceilings.