Kirlin’s recessed concrete-pour downlights, high-output surface luminaires, and turtle-safe wall pack are favorites in parking structures around the world

High Abuse Lighting for Parking Structures

The life of the parking lot luminaire is not easy. Threats abound, from snow, sleet, and rain to mischievous vandals and errant vehicles. Kirlin’s parking lot fixtures have been put through the ringer before they even leave the factory: we offer sealed and gasketed, IP66-rated fixtures with rust-proof, corrosion-resistant housings which will stand up to the elements. For impact-resistance, we test our vandal-rated products to the IK10 standard, meaning they can withstand more than 20 joules of impact without breaking.

Parking FAQ

  • Do you offer concrete pour solutions?

    Yes, We have several fixtures that can be ordered with concrete pour housings.
  • What emergency backup solutions do you offer?

    Depending on the fixture, Kirlin offers integral or remote battery packs, as well as small remote inverters.