Sport courts, gyms, weight rooms, locker rooms, and showers all benefit from quality lighting fixtures that are durable, safe, and fit-for-purpose

Let Kirlin Help with the Heavy Lifting

Gyms are areas that need to be able to withstand more trying environments, although, unlike it’s pool counterpart, it’s more about getting hit with the ball than the chlorine in the air.

By using our dual layer impact resistant lensing, we can deliver high output, even illumination for schools like Eastern Michigan University’s racquetball courts with our LRS-21600, which gives up to 20,000 lumens and a wide flood optic for even lighting in these spaces.  For smaller spaces or lower ceilings, fixtures with our BioGard antimicrobial finish help ensure that the space stays clean and that bacteria won’t multiply on the fixture trim.

Locker rooms are a great area to utilize vandal resistant lighting to help keep people from tampering with or breaking the fixtures while they’re getting changed. Locker rooms also typically have showers, so make sure you have the right lights for this wet area!  If your gym has a sauna or steam room, we have you covered there too!

Gymnasium FAQ

  • How does Kirlin make sure that a fixture is not going to break in a gym?

    We utilize a dual layer lensing system comprised of an impact-resistant clear polycarbonate lens below a prismatic high strength acrylic diffuser for fixtures that need the extra protection.
  • Can your lights be used in locker rooms?

    Yes, we offer several dead-front designs that can be used in the shower areas in locker rooms and our other downlights are wet listed for non-shower areas.
  • How about saunas?

    Kirlin does offer a LED steam room/sauna lighting solution for those gyms, so you can relax after a good workout with our high quality products!