High-performance lighting in a sacred space can enhance the worship experience by serving the varied needs of parishioners, worship leaders, and staff

Lighting Up Worship Spaces

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any house of worship. It can create a sense of atmosphere and reverence, and it can also be used to highlight key features of the space. At Kirlin, we understand the importance of lighting in houses of worship and offer a range of high-quality lighting solutions to meet the unique needs of these spaces.

Fixtures with high CRI should be used where color rendition is important: highlighting wood tones, stained glass, or artwork. Display areas should be illuminated with adjustable fixtures that can be precisely aimed to draw the eye.

In large congregation spaces with high ceilings and permanent seating, the Symphony system is a particularly good solution, with remote-mounted LED drivers for easy maintenance, which can be controlled with the rest of the room’s lighting via DMX. When the challenge is low ceilings and little plenum space, we offer the LSC-12RSD surface-mounted fixture, which doesn’t add an inch to the conflicts above the ceiling.  And finally, wherever the lighting should fade into the background, Kirlin can finish trims and housings with a custom color to match the surrounding ceiling.

Worship FAQ

  • Are remote driver solutions a good idea in worship areas?

    Yes! Since worship spaces typically can include high ceilings, and permanent seating, remote driver solutions are ideal for easy maintenance for the life of the fixture.
  • Do you offer high CRI solutions?

    We offer 80+ or 90+ CRI solutions to meet your projects needs as well as a Xicato Artist series LED in our XR products when 95+ CRI is needed.