High-temperature LED fixtures with remote-mounted drivers that can take the hot, humid environment.

Kirlin Sauna Lights Beat the Heat

Steam rooms and saunas require specialized lighting solutions due to the heat and humidity that are inherent to the rooms.  While there is no official certification for a steam or sauna light fixture, there are several key features. High operating temperature (Kirlin’s goes up to 90° C), rust and corrosion resistant and a wet listing are all necessary for a light to survive in these hot, wet locations.  Kirlin also adds a high-strength double lens to ensure that no one will break it while in the room.  Finally, remote drivers help the fixtures run cooler and prevent premature failure of the LED driver.

Relax knowing Kirlin has you covered.

Steam/Sauna FAQ

  • Is there a special rating or certification for steam and sauna lights?

    No - but making sure that the fixtures are designed for that space means the manufacturer has taken the room's special features into account.
  • What is the maximum temperature rating for these fixtures?

    Our steam/sauna fixtures are rated for a maximum operating temperature of 90° C (194° F).
  • Why does Kirlin recommend using a remote driver in saunas and steam rooms?

    Taking the driver, or power supply, out of the fixture helps to improve the life of the lighting system. With less exposure to extreme temperatures, the electronic components in the driver will function more consistently, for much longer, without any degradation in the quality of illumination.