Solutions for lighting schools- from elementary school to higher education and specialized spaces

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When you think about lighting a school, most people think about classrooms, hallways, and libraries.  Kirlin offers a host of solutions for general illumination in these areas: small aperture fixtures that give adequate ambient illumination in these spaces with integrated dimming. But there is much more to lighting education facilities than just these areas. From the exterior of the building, to the theater, cafeteria, gym and laboratories, these projects have a wide variety of needs.

Best Practices: Lighting for Schools and Higher Education

Want to educate yourself more on lighting for schools? Take a peek into the webinar library for a session that the Kirlin team hosted!

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Education FAQ

  • Why would I use a pole mounted flagpole light instead of ingrade or on the ground solutions?

    Ingrade and ground mounted fixtures are more susceptible to being accidentally moved out of location by a well meaning landscaper, have more water hitting it and increasing the risk of water intrusion and are within reach to possibly bored students to vandalize the fixtures. Our pole mounted fixtures can be placed out of reach for easy, worry-free lighting.
  • Do you comply with any government programs for being made in America?

    Yes! Kirlin is proud to comply with Buy America and Buy American Acts as well as being certified by the Small Business Association for being a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and we are HUBZone certified as well for being located in Detroit.