From high school auditoriums to high end opera houses, theaters and performance spaces possess unique lighting needs, at which Kirlin excels

All the World’s a Stage, Let Kirlin Light It

Theaters, and auditoriums are unique spaces in that most of the seating is fixed, the ceiling is typically high and the floor is sloped. All of these conditions mean that servicing the house lighting becomes a challenge. Enter Kirlin’s Symphony family of fixtures! The variety of fixtures – downlights, cylinders, sconces and more – and the remote driver solutions with 0-10V or DMX-RDM dimming capabilities makes this an ideal solution for these spaces.

And don’t forget about those low level steplights so that patrons can move about when needed. We offer a variety of form factors for these as well, with white or even a blue light option.

New From Kirlin: Ambient+

Ambient+ two color switchable technology elevates theater production with its dual lighting capabilities, offering static blue lighting that’s perfect for backstage work. The blue light provides essential visibility for stagehands during set changes, prop adjustments, and other behind-the-scenes activities, all while minimizing distraction for the audience. Its subtle illumination ensures that the magic of the performance remains uninterrupted, allowing changes to occur seamlessly out of the spotlight. For rehearsals and preparation, the switch to static white light offers bright, clear lighting, facilitating focused work and fine-tuning of the production details. Ambient+ seamlessly integrates into the theatrical environment, supporting the creative process with versatile lighting that adapts to the unique demands of both preparation and performance.

Kirlin’s Symphony Remote Driver System Overview

If you want to learn more about the Symphony family, the cast of Kirlin will guide you through the details.

You’ll brush up on:

  • What the struggles of lighting spaces like theaters are
  • Where to use Symphony fixtures
  • The plethora of options in the family
  • Cost comparison to conventional solutions
  • … and more!

Theater FAQ

  • Do you have to control all fixtures in one Symphony driver cabinet together for emergency purposes?

    No! Kirlin’s Symphony series fixtures can be controlled by driver so that you can keep ultimate flexibility for normal power conditions while placing emergency fixtures where they are needed.
  • Do you offer DMX-RDM dimming?

    Yes! Kirlin offers DMX-RDM dimming for our Symphony fixtures in both 8 bit and 16 bit versions.
  • How far away can Symphony remote drivers be placed from the fixtures?

    Our remote drivers can be located up to 250′ away from the fixture.