Flexible lighting to meet the varying needs of airports- from downlights and cylinders to remote driver solutions

Take Flight with Kirlin Lights

Each airport has it’s own unique style, from open air terminals that need wet or damp rated lights to double or triple height spaces that need high light output fixtures.

Most airports will utilize downlights in some form in their design.  Kirlin offers downlights from 2″ pinholes that can highlight art on the wall up to 7″ fixtures that offer 6500 lumens for general illumination for visitors to easily maneuver these busy spaces.  Exterior drop off areas may also use downlights but are worried about possible water intrusion or vandalism — our vandal resistant lights can be a great piece of mind here.

Symphony downlights and cylinders are a golden opportunity for areas of the airport that have permanent obstacles and high ceilings – baggage claim carousels, escalators and moving walkways and check-in areas to name a few!

Last but certainly not least, many airports have flags flying at their entrance, which will need to be lit up at night.  Kirlin’s flagpole light is pole mounted for a clean look that is out of the way for landscapers, prying hands and drivers coming to and from the airport.

Airport FAQ

  • Can your fixtures be used outside?

    Yes, all of our fixtures are listed as wet listed and can be used under a covered ceiling. We offer some of our fixtures that can be located in the elements, including our cylinders and flagpole lights
  • What types of dimming solutions do you offer?

    We offer 0-10V to various low levels, as well as DMX, DALI, Lutron, and more. If you don't see the type of dimming your project is using, please reach out.