From research facilities to sterile pharmaceutical laboratories, high performance spaces require high performance lighting solutions

Laboratory Lighting Solutions

In hospitals, government facilities, corporate R&D departments, academic settings, and beyond, labs are spaces where lighting design decisions can have an outsized impact. Consider just a few examples: the proper rendering of colors can indicate when a chemical reaction is complete; the ability to see imperfections on a surface can show when an experiment may be compromised; a liquid turning from clear to cloudy can precipitate rapid action by the experimenters; and any unplanned leak of pathogens out of a cleanroom lab can affect populations large and small.

Kirlin’s laboratory solutions provide high light levels, color rendering up to 95 CRI, and sealed luminaires that meet the ISO 5 cleanroom requirements.

New From Kirlin: Ambient+

For laboratories, especially those requiring cleanroom standards, Ambient+’s color switchable technology is incorporated into light fixtures that meet these stringent requirements. This cleanroom-adapted solution can be tailored with a variety of static wavelength color LEDs, catering to the diverse and specific needs that different laboratory environments demand. Whether for sensitive experiments or controlled observations, Ambient+ offers customizable lighting that enhances accuracy and productivity. This adaptability ensures that every laboratory can achieve optimal lighting conditions, supporting the advancement of scientific research and development with unparalleled precision. Ambient+’s cleanroom version is the ideal lighting solution, blending functionality with the rigorous requirements of modern laboratories.

Laboratory FAQ

  • Does Kirlin provide lighting for animal labs?

    Yes. Animal labs will typically require light in the “vivarium-safe” wavelengths, which include 617nm and 634nm, both available on MRR-08870.
  • What solutions does Kirlin offer for nanotechnology labs that require minimal EMI and RFI interference?

    Yes. In these spaces, we recommend using our SmartLED MRI Lighting System, which minimizes electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency noise using Kirlin RFI filters. This system has been used in labs operated by MIT and NASA.