Emergency Room

The Emergency Room is often called the “front door of the hospital” — the majority of patients enter via this department and their urgent needs require diverse lighting solutions

Lighting the Emergency Room

Triage and life-saving procedures in the ER take many forms, but the ability to concurrently address multiple trauma sites is often paramount. A pair of PRO 35 exam lights in the center of each Emergency Room bay enables clinicians to direct high-intensity, high-color-rendering light to two separate sites simultaneously. For installations where lower intensity light will suffice, a pair of PRO 25 fixtures provides dynamic positioning from a smaller 8” aperture.

Over the past decade, the number of patients admitted to the ER who are struggling with behavioral health conditions has skyrocketed. For seclusion and psychiatric areas of the Emergency Department, the PRO 35V ligature-resistant exam light offers best-in-class illumination from a safe and hazard-free design.

In addition to INFRALED PRO procedural lights, Emergency Rooms also require sealed healthcare downlights, non-motorized exam lights, and large-format backlit graphic panels to distract and delight patients and family members when they are not yet with clinical staff.

Emergency Room Best Practices

Looking for more detail on what to consider in the Emergency Department? Take a look at this “Best Practices” webinar recording, featuring the Kirlin team.

You’ll learn all about:

  • The layout and components of a modern emergency department
  • Sealed downlights for infection control in isolation rooms
  • Using INFRALED PRO recessed motorized exam lights in exam pods and seclusion rooms
  • Kirlin’s three levels of infection prevention and where to use them
  • … and more!

Emergency Room FAQ

  • Should all Emergency Room exam lights be vandal-resistant?

    It depends on the design of the department. Many emergency departments have a dedicated “seclusion” area where patients in a state of crisis are triaged and treated. Those areas should always have ligature-resistant exam fixtures, such as PRV-12035.

    If there is not a dedicated area for these patients, we would recommend utilizing vandal fixtures throughout, as you never know who will find themselves in a given exam room or treatment area.
  • Is it common to have imaging rooms in Emergency Departments?

    Yes – many ERs have imaging rooms including CT, X-Ray, and MRI machines right in the emergency department. The CT and X-Ray rooms do not have unique lighting requirements, but the MRI room should be outfitted with the SmartLED MRI system to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • What fixtures should be used in “Fast Track” pods in Emergency Rooms

    Fixed exam lights such as MRT-04511, MRT-05512, and MRR-07500 are a great choice in these spaces.
  • Where in the Emergency Department are cleanroom or sealed fixtures most commonly used?

    There are frequently “isolation” rooms in the emergency department that serve patients with contagious diseases who arrive via ambulance or as a walk-in. These rooms are completely sealed to the outside, to limit the spread of illness. Sealed fixtures are a must in these rooms.