Behavioral Health

In healthcare environments, patient safety is paramount. Ligature-resistant fixtures keep all patients safe from self-harm.

Kirlin Behavioral Health Lighting Solutions

For decades, Kirlin Lighting has been leading the industry in behavioral health lighting solutions, providing safe accommodation for any patient in an unstable condition. By developing quality luminaires, low glare designs, a residential feel, and ligature-resistant construction, we have met hospitals’ growing needs for maximum patient safety. We take pride in our innovative approach to behavioral lighting, while maintaining the aesthetics of a comfortable home environment.

New From Kirlin: Ambient+

Ambient+ two color switchable technology enhances the patient room experience in behavioral health settings with innovative circadian supportive lighting. By day, the fixture’s static white light creates a comforting, natural ambiance conducive to personal activities and rest. At night, it can shift to a gentle observation light using wavelengths like 590nm, 617nm, and 634nm, allowing staff to monitor patient well-being without interrupting sleep or the essential circadian rhythm. This feature is crucial for maintaining an environment that supports recovery and mental health, ensuring that each room is a sanctuary for healing. Ambient+ stands at the intersection of care and technology, offering a lighting solution that’s attentive to the nuanced needs of behavioral health patients.

Behavioral Health Best Practices

Looking for more detail on what products and features to consider in Behavioral Health settings? Take a look at this “Best Practices” webinar recording, featuring the Kirlin team.

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Behavioral Health FAQ

  • Are all vandal resistant products safe for behavioral health?

    No. While Kirlin’s vandal resistant products are built to withstand force and tampering, we recommend using ligature resistant fixtures in behavioral health settings. Ligature-resistant fixtures carry all the benefits of vandal-resistant fixtures, but on top of that they are designed to resist any looping, wedging, or tying of strings, sheets, or laces (ligatures) to prevent patients doing harm to themselves.
  • Do you offer ligature resistant shower lights?

    Yes! Kirlin offers one of the only dead-front anti-ligature shower lights on the market, MRV-07715.
  • Do behavioral health products have special lens attributes?

    Yes. All Kirlin’s behavioral products have 0.22″ thick clear polycarbonate lenses on the environment side, and high strength optical control lenses above, for nearly 0.5″ of barrier between the light fixture and the room below. Many of our products are also rated to the IK10-standard, meaning they can withstand 20 joules of force without breaking.
  • Does Kirlin offer amber night-lighting for behavioral health settings?

    Yes! All of our nightlights are available with amber or red/amber gel filters, and Hitsville nightlight (MTT-03NLT) is available with static-wavelength LEDs at 590nm or 617nm. Also our nighttime observation light (MRV-06864) is available in yellow/orange and red/orange to support patient sleep while enabling staff members to see clearly.