Hybrid OR

Surgical procedures and advanced imaging techniques come together in the Hybrid Operating Room; proper lighting for this department supports both of these aims

Lighting in Hybrid Operating Rooms

Operating rooms are sterile environments where critical medical procedures take place, but the Hybrid OR introduces additional complexity in the form of imaging devices such as X-Ray, CT, MRI, PET, or Angiography equipment. The benefits are profound: in a Hybrid Operating Room clinicians can diagnose, plan, operate, and verify the effectiveness of their procedures, all in one room.

Due to the many ceiling-mounted devices in these spaces, recessed motorized exam lights are frequently a must-have for Hybrid OR suites. They stay out of the way of the equipment, while providing targeted illumination on task from a sealed, infection-controlling mounting location. The 45 degree angle of INFRALED PRO 45 ensures that the patient can be properly illuminated in every configuration.

In addition to procedural lights, Hybrid Operating Rooms will also need sealed healthcare downlights around the perimeter of the room, and sometimes static wavelength green downlights (MRR-08870) to illuminate the room for clinical staff while minimizing the disruption to the doctors who are focused on laparoscopic imagery on the monitors. Lastly, in any Hybrid OR that uses an MRI scanner, a fully non-ferromagnetic system with remote drivers and RFI filters will be needed – and Kirlin’s SmartLED MRI Lighting System offers dozens of options.

Hybrid Operating Room Best Practices

Looking for our team’s latest insights on the lighting needs of the Hybrid Operating Room? Check out this recording of “Best Practices” for lighting both the traditional Operating Room and the Hybrid Operating Room. You’ll learn all about:

  • FGI guidelines for environmental controls in the three classes of operating rooms (including Class 3: Hybrid ORs)
  • Using IP66-rated INFRALED PRO recessed motorized exam lights to get around imaging equipment and ceiling obstacles
  • Sealed downlights around the perimeter of the room for infection control
  • The use of static green downlights (521nm) to enhance monitor viewing
  • … and more!

Hybrid OR FAQ

  • Do all Hybrid ORs require specialized MRI-safe lighting solutions?

    No. Only Hybrid Operating Rooms with MRI equipment will require non-ferromagnetic lighting solutions within the 5 gauss line.
  • What infection protection level is best in the Hybrid OR?

    Kirlin recommends Level 2 (IP65 or IP66 sealed trim) or Level 3 (cleanroom rated) in these environments, due to the enhanced risk of hospital acquired infection.
  • How do motorized lights install into laminar flow ceilings in the Hybrid OR?

    Laminar air flow is used in many Hybrid Operating Rooms. To achieve the set amount of air changes per hour, most of the ceiling must be dedicated to this task. However, a small percentage of the ceiling real estate can be dedicated to procedural lighting.

    PRO 45 drops into a standard 2’x2′ grid and has a small footprint, to minimize the impact on airflow. And keeping the procedural lights recessed away from the surgical site has tremendous benefits, as the laminar systems are designed to function best with no impediments (such as a boom light) over the patient.