Many medical and pharmaceutical environments depend on cleanroom spaces for critical tasks. These rooms, and the lighting in them, must meet strict sterility and performance requirements.

Cleanroom Lighting Solutions

Cleanroom-rated luminaires are designed to prevent dust, debris, bacteria, airborne particles, and moisture from passing into the fixture housing, and more importantly from entering into the sterile environment below. Kirlin’s solutions for cleanroom environments are tested to rigorous standards, including:

  • UL listing for wet, damp, and dry environments
  • IP65 and IP66 ingress ratings, signifying that the trim and lens restrict the flow of particles and liquids
  • NSF 2 listing, signifying ease of cleaning and proper design to prevent accumulation of pathogens or corrosion on environment-side surfaces
  • ISO 5 rating for cleanroom spaces

Cleanroom-rated fixtures (ISO 5 or Class 100 Rated) represent the most powerful level of infection control offered by Kirlin, denoted by “Level 3” on the fixture spec sheets. Learn more about our levels here:

Cleanroom FAQ

  • What is the difference between an IP65/IP66 (aka IP6X) fixture and a cleanroom fixture?

    Kirlin's IP6X ratings (also known as Level 2) refer to the trim and lens assembly only; this ensures that no dust, moisture, or debris will pass through the trim/lens in either direction.

    ISO 5 or Class 100 cleanroom fixtures (also known as Level 3) have IP6X trims and sealed housings, ensuring no particles or pathogens enter the fixture from the plenum.
  • Does Kirlin offer cleanroom fixtures in static wavelength colors?

    Yes! See part number MRR-08870 for a cleanroom-optional downlight available with 521nm green LEDs for operating rooms, 617nm red/orange LEDs for vivarium lighting, and 634nm red/amber LEDs to support circadian rhythms.