From exams and surgery to laboratory settings, healthcare areas for our furry friends can have similar requirements to those for humans.

From Clinic to Lab, Kirlin has You Covered

Veterinary clinics have expanded through the years.  These days, practices not only offer the standard patient room where a pet gets a check up, but MRI suites, and surgery centers also.  With Kirlin’s expertise in remote drivers as well as a host of exam options from fixed and adjustable downlights to our PRO 35 motorized system, its a one stop lighting shop!

Vivarium lighting (approximately 617nm) is utilized for areas that need light but where the animal’s circadian cycle is important to not disturb, such as laboratories.  This red light is not a wavelength that many animals can see so it doesn’t change their natural patterns and therefore doesn’t affect any research being done on them.

Veterinary FAQ

  • Is this just used in veterinary clinics?

    No! Our lighting solutions can be used in clinics, surgery centers, as well as animal research laboratories.
  • What makes vivarium special?

    This specific red nanometer wavelength is one that many animals cannot see and so therefore doesn't disrupt their sleep cycles.