Kirlin’s MRI-compatible lighting solutions provide all necessary fixtures, drivers, and filters to ensure the system is issue-free and running smoothly

MRI Safe LED Lighting from Kirlin

Since installing one of the first MRI lighting systems in the 1980s, Kirlin has continued to develop innovative solutions to support more accurate imaging, and enhanced patient experiences, keeping us at the forefront of present-day MRI technology.

Our MRI-centric product family, the SmartLED MRI Lighting System, includes numerous award-winning luminaires, as well as the ancillary system components that are needed to ensure safe illumination of MRI spaces. This system includes completely non-ferromagnetic fixtures, remote-mounted LED power supplies that are installed outside the shielded MRI suite, EMI/RFI filters that reduce the electromanetic interference and radiofrequency interference entering the suite, and emergency power systems for continuous uptime in the MRI room.

If you are looking for assistance with MRI layouts featuring Kirlin’s MRI downlights, adjustables, scenic panels, white panels, 2.5″ slot fixtures, color-changing RGBW fixtures, sconces, and sealed IP65-rated luminaires, feel free to contact us! Our team happily assists customers with MRI suite planning for the best possible installations.

MRI Lighting

SmartLED™ System

Best Practices: Lighting the MRI

If you need a refresher on what makes MRI spaces so unique, and simple ways to solve the challenges they present, look no further! We’ll run through:

  • What an MRI is
  • Key Requirements of an MRI Suite
  • Kirlin’s turn-key MRI solutions
  • Project examples
  • … and more!


  • Can I use someone else’s filters?

    Kirlin’s SmartLED MRI system is designed to utilize our RFI/EMI filters as they are tested to ensure that there are no headaches in the field. It is how we can be confident in our dimming and color changing capabilities and you can be too!
  • Where do you typically place the MRI Cabinet?

    The MRI cabinet is usually located in the equipment room next to the MRI suite. This cabinet can be mounted up to 35 feet away from the fixtures.
  • What makes your MRI fixtures special?

    Kirlin offers a wide variety of fixtures that are safe for the MRI suite. Our fixtures are non-ferromagnetic, utilize remote drivers and Kirlin’s own RFI filters for a turnkey solution you can come back to time and time again.