Shower and Warming

Specialized solutions for showers and warming lights enhance many departments in healthcare spaces and beyond

Shine Bright with Kirlin Shower Lights

Showers are a unique space that requires a dead front trim, which is basically an electrical insulation barrier from the metal parts of the luminaires itself. This keeps staff and visitors safe and meets code requirements for shower lighting.  Kirlin has solutions from the traditional drop lens style, styles that match the other downlights in the space, a super shallow version to solve any cramped plenum woes, and even a behavioral health solution!

Our warming lights provide an aspect that you might not think about when designing a space – heat! These fixtures provide different amounts of warming – a general comfort solution that can help warm up mom and baby in labor and delivery, as well as a critical care version for areas like ICU burn units.

Shower and Warming FAQ

  • Why do I need a shower specific light in a shower?

    These fixtures help to ensure that if there is an issue electrically that it will not transfer to any person in the shower.
  • Do I only need these inside the shower stall itself?

    Some showers are enclosed so for those, yes. Other facilities have made the entire restroom a wet room style where there is no dedicated stall, so it's a good idea to use shower lights throughout the area in those cases.