More Choice with Dynamic White Options

Kirlin’s newest release opens up a world of possibilities with our Choice series! We’re thrilled to have expanded of our product lineup, which now features tunable white and warm dimming options across a wide range of Choice series fixtures, including both downlights and cylinders.

With five different versions to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your space. Whether it’s illuminating a restaurant’s ambiance or creating the ideal lighting environment for behavioral health spaces, these fixtures are tailored to meet your unique needs.

And the Award Goes to…

The Progress Report Awards were announced at the IES Annual Conference in Chicagoland last week.  We’re over the moon to say that we’ve kept our (now 4-year) streak alive!  This award is given to products that showcase significant advancements in lighting and helps shape the future of the industry. 

So what product received the award this year? Surprise! We’ve DOUBLED our awards from the IES this year! Both Hitsville Task Light and the MCL Cove won the Progress Report.


Hitsville has made a marked difference in the behavioral health world. It is the first behavioral health task light on the market to offer an adjustable LED module for precise hot aiming and a flexible mounting position. As the only task light on the market in behavioral health to offer continuous touch dimming on the faceplate, it gives patients a small piece of control over their environment. With 3 field-changeable optics, the fixture is adaptable to different layouts and gives designers flexibility to choose what is needed.

MCL Cove

The MCL Cove light is the only MRI-safe RGBW cove light on the market, providing vivid, saturated colors that can change even during the scan. The fixture, like the rest of the SmartLED MRI family of products, provides all the components to make the fixture function, including a DMX controller with pre-configured color scenes. Both the MCL Cove and the MRL-2 linear slot offer plug-and-play RJ-45 connections for easy installation for the color-changing version.

Previous Winners


In 2020, our INFRALED PRO series won a Progress Report award for several features, including the various sizes that cater to the different needs of the hospital, the ability to change the dimming levels on the remote as well as move the fixture to where it’s needed, and it’s ultra-high CRI of 95+ to ensure quality lighting.

Behavioral Panels

2021 came along, and so did the IES award for our behavioral health scenic panels and white panels. With a robust frame and thick polycarbonate lens, these fixtures are up to the challenge for this demanding environment. Available in surface or recessed mounting, the surface version is the shallowest on the market.

MRL-2 Slots

Not to be outdone, in 2022 our MRL-2 linear slot fixture took home the prize! At 2.5″ wide, you have the option of static white or RGBW color changing. The RGBW version gives the patient a distracting and soothing element in the room. It is also unique in that it has plug-and-play wiring and is the only solution on the market that can change color during the MRI scan!

MRI Undercabinet is Here

We’re thrilled to announce another new addition to our turn-key MRI lighting product line – the MRI Undercabinet – designed to seamlessly integrate and bring a dash of brilliance to your workspace.

What makes our MRI Undercabinet a game-changer?

  • Task Illumination:  Shed light on important tasks, note-taking, and clinician duties with targeted brilliance.  Get the visibility needed for top-notch performance.
  • Patient Relaxation: Keep ambient lighting low to create a soothing environment for patients.  Bonus points for adding color-changing or Scenic Panels to the room, ensuring a more relaxed and anxiety-free MRI experience.
  • Smart Space-Saving: Designed to fit snugly under upper cabinets, our compact fixture optimizes every inch of the MRI Suite, leaving more room for what matters.

Discover more about the MRI Undercabinet and how it can add another option to the long list of lighting solutions from the #1 turn-key MRI lighting system – the SmartLED MRI Family

Kirlin Expands the 3″ Cylinder Options

You may know that Kirlin has offered a 3″ cylinder (LSC-03RDN) for several years, exclusively in a 12″ length. Now available in 4 lengths, as small as 3″ in height, these sleek and stylish lights continue to offer the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making them a must-have addition to your project.

Picture this: 3″, 6″, 9″, and 12″ lengths, all at your fingertips. Now you can mix and match them like a pro, creating customized clusters of fixtures that are guaranteed to make your project shine. And don’t be fooled by their compact size. These little powerhouses can pack a serious punch, boasting up to 4000 lumens!  With 3 beam spreads and 1% dimming, they can add style to any project.

As always, the LSC-03RDN offers several mounting choices: surface, cord, and wall bracket, because the Choice is yours!  In addition to shrinking the fixture lengths, we’ve also shrunk the ceiling mounting plate to less than 3.5″ diameter for both cord and surface options.  The surface mount solution is complete with an easy toolless spring lock solution. Installation? Piece of cake! Their durable construction with optional wet listing means you won’t have to worry about maintenance, saving you both time and effort.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to LRC-03RDN page and dive into a world of possibilities. If you have any questions or need a little guidance, our friendly team is standing by, ready to help!

Illuminate your surroundings with style and sophistication! Experience our revamped cylinders today and prepare to be blown away!

Kirlin Lighting Launches Innovative MCL Cove Light, Redefining MRI Suite Lighting

Kirlin Lighting, a leading light fixture manufacturer specializing in healthcare solutions, is proud to announce the launch of their latest breakthrough product: the MCL Cove Light in static white and RGBW color changing. Designed specifically for MRI suites, this innovative lighting solution revolutionizes the patient experience while meeting the unique challenges of healthcare facilities.

The Future of MRI Suite Lighting

The MCL Cove Light introduces a new era of lighting for MRI suites, combining advanced technology and thoughtful design. Featuring RGBW quad chip technology, this groundbreaking fixture provides an extensive range of colors and hues, creating an immersive environment that promotes patient relaxation and comfort during scans.

Unparalleled Compatibility and Safety

One of the standout features of the SmartLED MRI family of products is its seamless compatibility with MRI machines up to 7 Tesla. It also ensures a turnkey solution, eliminating concerns about ghosting or noise that can disrupt scans. Additionally, the non-ferromagnetic construction and EMI/RFI filtering guarantee compliance with stringent needs of the space, ensuring both patient safety and optimal performance.

Transforming the MRI Suite Experience

With the MCL Cove Light, healthcare facilities can enhance the MRI suite environment, offering a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond traditional lighting. The ability to change colors during scans not only helps distract and soothe patients but also fosters a deeper connection between patients and caregivers. By seamlessly integrating with the rest of the SmartLED family, including Kirlin’s MRL-2 linear RGBW slot lights, a cohesive lighting solution can be achieved, elevating the entire space.

Simplified Installation and Low Maintenance

Kirlin Lighting understands the importance of streamlined processes in healthcare settings. The color changing MCL Cove Light boasts plug-and-play installation with RJ-45 connections, ensuring easy integration into existing infrastructures. This user-friendly approach minimizes installation time and disruption, allowing healthcare facilities to focus on providing exceptional care. Additionally, the MCL Cove Light is designed for low maintenance, reducing operational costs and ensuring long-lasting performance.

A Testament to Excellence

Kirlin Lighting’s dedication to excellence is reflected in our 50 years of illuminating healthcare applications. The company’s commitment to delivering superior lighting solutions has been proven time and again. Kirlin Lighting’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner for lighting needs.

The launch of the MCL Cove Light by Kirlin Lighting marks a significant milestone in MRI suite lighting. By combining cutting-edge technology, compliance with safety regulations, and a focus on patient comfort, the MCL Cove Light sets a new standard for the industry. Healthcare facilities can now elevate the patient experience while benefiting from simplified installation and low maintenance requirements. Embrace the future of MRI suite lighting with the MCL Cove Light and illuminate a new era of care.

Kirlin Lighting to be Honored at the 19th Annual Michigan Celebrates Awards Gala

Kirlin Lighting has been recognized as one of the 2023 awardees for Michigan 50 Companies to Watch, presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. Kirlin Lighting was acknowledged on stage at the in-person awards ceremony during the 19th annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business Gala on May 2, 2023.

Success is best when shared, and the event gathered over 800 guests at the Breslin Center in East Lansing, Michigan to celebrate the achievements of this year’s award recipients.

Kirlin Lighting has been committed to quality since our inception in 1895.  We proudly design and manufacturer our products in the heart of Detroit and are committed to being Made in America.  We are grateful to all of our hardworking team to constantly maintaining our high level of standards – from sale to production to customer service and beyond. 

The past three years have been a challenging landscape for business owners, but small businesses have learned to become nimble and innovative in order to accomplish their goals. The 2023 awards gala will put Michigan’s small businesses in the spotlight and give them a chance to share their success stories with the supporters who helped them get to where they are today.

“MCSB has always prided itself on its spirit of collaboration and celebration,” said Jennifer Deamud, MCSB Board Chair. “We love seeing our awardees celebrating one another’s success and sharing in this amazing moment is each awardee’s journey. It’s true— success is best when it is shared.”

Additional information can be found at

# # #

Michigan Celebrates Small Business (MCSB) is a collaboration of trusted statewide founding organizations who offer resources for small businesses. Since 2005, Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards gala has placed a spotlight on how small businesses positively impact our communities and state. The MCSB organization is focused on supporting, promoting and celebrating small businesses in Michigan.

PRO Updated Warranty

INFRALED PRO recessed motorized exam lights have continued to be our #1 product line by revenue since shortly after their 2020 release. And starting May 1st, they are backed with an industry-best 5 YEAR WARRANTY (increased from the prior 3-year coverage)! This warranty covers all fixture components and wall controller. The warranty term for the optional remote control remains at 1 year.

Build America, Buy America Act Compliance

As of 2022 the Build America, Buy America Act is in effect for federal agencies. In addition to Buy America Act and Buy American, any Kirlin product that carries the “Made in the USA” mark on its specification sheet qualifies as “produced in the United States” under the Build America, Buy American Act. Our team is happy to furnish product-specific compliance letters on request; please contact us for assistance! For more information on our commitment to American manufacturing, check out this page.

LSC-12RSD has DLC Listing

We’re proud to say that our LSC-12RSD surface mounted fixture has made it through DLC certification.  ALA brought us onto a job in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for our super shallow surface fixtures (or the “hockey puck”) but it had one caveat – it needed to be DLC listed.  We worked with the rep and the specifier to figure out exactly what they needed, and got the 3000L version approved. 

Moral of the story: if you need something that you don’t see on our website, please reach out and let us know!

More Power for Symphony

In case you didn’t see it on World Theater Day, the Symphony lineup now includes a 75W 0-10V dimming driver for the SYM-CABNT.  Our 75W driver can power (2) 2500L fixtures or a 5000L fixture from one power supply.  This means you can run more fixtures from the same size cabinet for your next theater, auditorium or worship project. 

Save space, save time, save money!