Declare-ing Our New Listings!

Kirlin Lighting, a leader in innovative lighting solutions, is proud to announce that it now has Declare labels for four of its distinguished product groups: Choice Downlights, Choice Cylinders, INFRALED PRO, and the Linear series (MRL, VRL). This significant achievement underscores Kirlin’s commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility in its manufacturing processes.

The Declare label, often referred to as the “nutrition label” for building products, provides a clear and informative look at the materials used in products. It is a vital tool for designers committed to selecting environmentally responsible and sustainable products for their projects.

Why This Matters

  • Transparency: Full disclosure of the materials in our fixtures, enabling informed choices that resonate with your environmental values.
  • Quality Assurance: The assurance that Kirlin fixtures not only meet rigorous sustainability criteria but are designed for longevity and minimal environmental impact.
  • Sustainable Innovation: Our modular, serviceable designs are complemented by environmental certification, making Kirlin a pioneer in sustainable lighting solutions.

By securing Declare labels, Kirlin Lighting not only boosts its product stewardship but also provides its clients with crucial information to make informed choices about the materials they incorporate into their projects.

Kirlin Lighting Unveils Ambient+, White Light + Narrow Band Color in One Luminaire

Kirlin Lighting, a leading Detroit-based manufacturer known for its innovative and high-quality lighting solutions, proudly announces the launch of Ambient+, a cutting-edge technology integrated into 11 fixture designs, set to redefine lighting versatility across various industries.

Ambient+ is not just another product launch; it’s a technology that blends functionality, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Designed to serve the multifaceted needs of architectural spaces and healthcare environments, Ambient+ technology enables a single fixture to offer both static white and vibrant static color lighting, available in six narrow-band wavelengths. This dual functionality makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of applications, including architectural spaces, healthcare facilities, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Ambient+ technology has been seamlessly integrated into various form factors within the Kirlin lineup, including downlights and cylinders. The technology’s adaptability shines in applications ranging from pharmaceutical laboratories, backstage theatrical areas, and vivariums to critical healthcare settings like ICUs and operating rooms, where lighting can play a crucial role in patient care.

Moreover, Ambient+ is engineered with environmental considerations, offering turtle-friendly lighting solutions that mitigate LED lighting’s impact on wildlife. Its utility extends to mass transit systems, behavioral health facilities, and other areas requiring specialized lighting solutions, underscoring Kirlin’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

A Step Forward in Lighting Technology

“Ambient+ is the latest in a long line of lighting solutions Kirlin has brought to market to serve the needs of our customers.” says Chris Brownell, CEO. “Fundamentally it allows one fixture, one installation, to serve two very important — often life-saving — functions. The ability to optimize for visual acuity in static white mode, and then to optimize for safety, or for circadian support, or for environmental sensitivity in color mode, is an incredible tool that is now available to the entire lighting community. We cannot wait to see where this technology will lead us.”

To see all products that incorporate Ambient+ technology, check out our Products page.

Kirlin Lighting Welcomes New President, Logan Gerhard, and Announces Leadership Team Expansion

Detroit, MI – The Kirlin Company, a leader in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of lighting solutions for healthcare and architectural applications, is excited to announce the promotion of Chris Brownell to CEO and to welcome Logan Gerhard as President. This pivotal moment in the company’s leadership evolution reflects the sustained success and growth led by Chairman and Owner Jana Kirlin Brownell, the fourth generation of the Kirlin family to operate the company. In partnership with her son, Chris Brownell, who joined Kirlin in 2019 as the fifth generation of continuous family management, the executive team is expanding to capitalize on Kirlin’s enduring legacy of delivering superior, sustainable, and human-centric lighting solutions.

As its new President, Logan brings to Kirlin an impressive background in the lighting industry spanning sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations, product development, and entrepreneurship. His deep understanding of the market, particularly within the architectural lighting sector, was honed during his tenure as President of LF Illumination and Delray Lighting, and as General Manager of the RSA Lighting brand at Cooper.

Expressing his excitement about the new role, Logan remarked, “I am thrilled to join Kirlin, a company with a rich legacy that is committed to the future of innovative lighting. I look forward to contributing to its growth and continued focus on solution development, setting new benchmarks for quality, sustainability, service, and excellence within the lighting industry.”

Jana Kirlin Brownell, Chairman of Kirlin, echoed this sentiment, stating, “I am very excited to add Logan to Kirlin’s talented and passionate team; his expertise will undoubtedly keep our company at the forefront of lighting innovation. His vision for Kirlin’s future aligns perfectly with our mission, to create innovative lighting solutions of unmatched quality, empowering lighting professionals to design spaces that go beyond illumination to enhance the human experience.”

Chris Brownell, who has served as Kirlin’s President since 2022, shared insights on the company’s direction, “At a time when much of our industry is facing consolidation, Kirlin stands out by strategically expanding and attracting great talent. Our commitment to remaining independent and family-owned enables us to stay nimble, supports product innovation, and ultimately allows us to serve the lighting industry in a way that only we can. Kirlin’s time-tested approach coupled with Logan’s leadership sets us on a path to further success and greater impact.”

The entire team at Kirlin welcomes Logan and invites members of the lighting industry to visit booth 918 in the Grand Ballroom at LEDucation this March, where the company will be showcasing its latest innovations.

About Kirlin: Founded in 1895, Kirlin is a testament to enduring family ownership and a commitment to American manufacturing excellence. As a certified woman-owned business led by Jana Kirlin Brownell, Kirlin not only champions quality and innovation at its Detroit, MI headquarters and factory, but also contributes to its local community as a federally-certified HUBZone business, creating jobs in a Historically Underutilized Business Zone.

Kirlin is recognized as a premier lighting manufacturer, addressing complex design challenges with groundbreaking solutions across diverse applications, including healthcare facilities, schools, theatrical settings, mass transit stations, natatoriums, public spaces, and laboratories. The company’s dedication to excellence has been acknowledged through numerous awards, including 2023’s “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan”, annual recognition in the IES Progress Report, numerous Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards, and designation as one of the “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” in 2023 by Michigan Celebrates Small Business.

For further details about Kirlin, please visit our website at

Introducing the Strait Secure Linear Slot Light from Kirlin

Kirlin Lighting is proud to introduce its latest innovation in lighting technology: the Strait Secure Linear Slot Light. Designed to meet the demands of a wide range of applications, from behavioral health facilities to transportation hubs and educational institutions, the Strait Secure Slot Light offers unparalleled security and versatility.

Vandal- and Ligature-Resistant

Safety is paramount in demanding environments such as Behavioral Health. The Strait Secure Slot Light boasts a ligature-resistant smooth single-piece aluminum frame with a robust 0.22″ polycarbonate lens, ensuring its durability even in the most challenging conditions. Its IK-10 rating underscores its ability to withstand vandalism and tampering. Discreet tamperproof screws are strategically placed along the edge of the frame to fixture housing for a clean, hospitality-inspired design.

Lighting Options for Every Need

The Strait Secure Slot Light offers a variety of lighting options to suit different requirements. The Static White version delivers up to 1200 lumens per foot, with a standard CRI of 90+ and is available in three color temperatures.

For more dynamic white lighting needs, the Strait Secure Slot Light offers a Tunable White option, allowing you to adjust the color temperature from a warm 2700K to a cool 6500K.

Add a Splash of Color

In addition to white light options, the Strait Secure Slot Light offers RGBW Color Changing capabilities. This feature not only enables safe and secure color therapy but also allows you to add a splash of color to your space for visual appeal and ambiance.

For a simple control solution, Kirlin offers an optional vandal-resistant DMX controller. This controller allows you to precisely manage the lighting effects, making it an excellent choice for spaces where dynamic and interactive lighting experiences are desired.

The Strait Secure Linear Slot Light from Kirlin is the ideal lighting solution when security, durability, and versatility are paramount. Whether you need lighting for behavioral health facilities, transportation hubs, educational institutions, or any other space where secure lighting is essential, the Strait Secure Slot Light is ready to meet your needs.

What’s the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan?

INFRALED PRO Series: Coolest Thing Made in Michigan

The awards keep rolling in!  Our INFRALED PRO series was crowned as the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan by the people!  Thank you for all your votes and support.  Keep reading to find out more about what makes the INFRALED PRO such an out of this world product (we even beat out a space plasma thruster!).

This revolutionary patent-pending recessed, motorized, remote-aimable exam lighting system is a game-changer in infection control designed for the healthcare environment.  With IP66-rated trims, perforation-free housings, and Kirlin’s BioGard anti-microbial finish, it checks all the boxes.  And just as one size fits all doesn’t work when it comes to clothes, cars, or even beds, the INFRALED PRO comes in multiple designs that are tailored for each of the healthcare environments they serve.

Our Products: Saving the Day and Winning Awards!

Drumroll Please…

Cue the superhero theme music!  We are thrilled to announce that Kirlin has once again emerged victorious in the battle of innovation, with not one but two of our remarkable products clinching the coveted Product Innovation Award for 2023!

MCL Cove: Unleash the Power of Light in MRIs

In a league of its own, our MCL Cove fixture has proven to be a true superhero in the world of MRI lighting. This MRI-safe cove fixture is available in static white and RGBW quad-chip color-changing glory, providing a spectrum of possibilities to suit any mood with the touch of the control button. Lengths of 2′ and 4′ help the MCL Cove to seamlessly integrate into Kirlin’s SmartLED MRI System, your all-in-one solution for creating the perfect MRI Suite environment. It’s not just lighting; it’s an experience.

Hitsville Task Light: Lighting Freedom in Behavioral Health

Behold the Hitsville Task Light, a guardian of well-being in Behavioral Health facilities! With a ligature- and vandal-resistant option, Hitsville is designed to withstand the challenges of these environments. Its sleek, unobtrusive faceplate, available in obround or rectangular shapes, hides a wealth of features. Patients can take control of their space with a capacitive touch dimming switch, while the adjustable light module and 3 beam spreads empower designers to place the fixture exactly where it’s needed. Hitsville is not just a light; it’s a signal of comfort.

Save the Date for Kirlin’s 2024 CEU Courses in Detroit!

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 CEU seminar dates that are designed to help you stay at the forefront of healthcare facility lighting design and earn valuable credits. Our courses are all about creating safe, comfortable, and healing environments in modern healthcare facilities. 


  • April 17-19, 2024
  • September 18-20, 2024


Kirlin’s Detroit factory in our recently renovated showroom


Interested in more details on what these sessions entail? Check out our agenda

Ready to sign up? You can do so here.

Course Highlights:

  • CEU credits
  • In-depth knowledge on lighting for modern healthcare facilities
  • Expert insights on creating safe and healing environments
  • Practical design strategies and applications
  • A look at new, and coming soon Kirlin products
  • A Kirlin factory tour

New and Exciting Addition:

On Thursday afternoon, we’re introducing a special local event to help you get to know the Kirlin crew and connect with fellow attendees. It’s the perfect chance to unwind, network, and foster connections that could be invaluable to your career.

We believe that the best learning experiences happen when you combine education with enjoyment, and we can’t wait to share this memorable event with you.

Our team is excited to welcome you to our Detroit factory, where you’ll experience firsthand our dedication to lighting innovation and quality. We’re proud of our recently renovated showroom, which showcases our latest products and technologies, creating an inspiring environment for learning and collaboration.

A Change of Scene

Kirlin, a leading innovator in healthcare design, is excited to announce the expansion of our Scenic Panels collection, ushering in a new era of aesthetic possibilities for healthcare settings. These Scenic Panels offer a remarkable way to create tranquil and soothing atmospheres, making patient experiences more comfortable and serene. With over 100 unique options to choose from, Kirlin is taking healthcare design to the next level.

In the healthcare industry, creating a peaceful environment is essential. Our new Scenic Panels are a game-changer for healthcare spaces, from MRI suites to cozy patient areas and even behavioral health facilities. We’ve gone from offering just 14 images to an impressive 100+ unique options, allowing you to customize your space in a way that truly resonates with your vision.

These innovative Scenic Panels offer a wide range of designs, each carefully curated to transport patients and visitors to a world of comfort and relaxation. Imagine a sky view that allows patients to daydream among the clouds, a lush landscape that whisks them away to a serene meadow, or a fun pattern that brings the entire room together, even on the ceiling.

One of the standout features of Kirlin’s Scenic Panels is their flexibility. They come in various layouts, ensuring that they can seamlessly fit into any healthcare setting. These panels can be tailored to match the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of each individual client. In addition, clients have the option to choose their own image for a personalized touch, making each healthcare space unique and inviting.

Efficiency and convenience are paramount in the healthcare industry, and Kirlin has designed our Scenic Panels with this in mind. Installation is quick and hassle-free, allowing healthcare facilities to give their spaces a facelift without any disruptions to daily operations. This means that healthcare spaces can be transformed, enhancing the overall experience for patients and visitors. Additionally, if a change of scenery is desired, Kirlin’s Scenic Panel images can be easily swapped out to provide a fresh look, such as trees changing with the seasons.

In a field where comfort, tranquility, and aesthetics are crucial, Kirlin’s expanded Scenic Panels collection is set to make a significant impact. The innovative designs and customization options offered by these panels provide healthcare facilities with a unique opportunity to create spaces that promote healing and relaxation, improving the overall patient experience.

Kirlin’s commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare design has once again been underscored with the introduction of the enhanced Scenic Panels collection. Designers and healthcare facilities now have a powerful tool at their disposal to transform their spaces and create environments that cater to the well-being of patients and their visitors.

To learn more about Kirlin’s Scenic Panels collection and explore the stunning new options available, click here.

More Choice with Dynamic White Options

Kirlin’s newest release opens up a world of possibilities with our Choice series! We’re thrilled to have expanded of our product lineup, which now features tunable white and warm dimming options across a wide range of Choice series fixtures, including both downlights and cylinders.

With five different versions to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your space. Whether it’s illuminating a restaurant’s ambiance or creating the ideal lighting environment for behavioral health spaces, these fixtures are tailored to meet your unique needs.

And the Award Goes to…

The Progress Report Awards were announced at the IES Annual Conference in Chicagoland last week.  We’re over the moon to say that we’ve kept our (now 4-year) streak alive!  This award is given to products that showcase significant advancements in lighting and helps shape the future of the industry. 

So what product received the award this year? Surprise! We’ve DOUBLED our awards from the IES this year! Both Hitsville Task Light and the MCL Cove won the Progress Report.


Hitsville has made a marked difference in the behavioral health world. It is the first behavioral health task light on the market to offer an adjustable LED module for precise hot aiming and a flexible mounting position. As the only task light on the market in behavioral health to offer continuous touch dimming on the faceplate, it gives patients a small piece of control over their environment. With 3 field-changeable optics, the fixture is adaptable to different layouts and gives designers flexibility to choose what is needed.

MCL Cove

The MCL Cove light is the only MRI-safe RGBW cove light on the market, providing vivid, saturated colors that can change even during the scan. The fixture, like the rest of the SmartLED MRI family of products, provides all the components to make the fixture function, including a DMX controller with pre-configured color scenes. Both the MCL Cove and the MRL-2 linear slot offer plug-and-play RJ-45 connections for easy installation for the color-changing version.

Previous Winners


In 2020, our INFRALED PRO series won a Progress Report award for several features, including the various sizes that cater to the different needs of the hospital, the ability to change the dimming levels on the remote as well as move the fixture to where it’s needed, and it’s ultra-high CRI of 95+ to ensure quality lighting.

Behavioral Panels

2021 came along, and so did the IES award for our behavioral health scenic panels and white panels. With a robust frame and thick polycarbonate lens, these fixtures are up to the challenge for this demanding environment. Available in surface or recessed mounting, the surface version is the shallowest on the market.

MRL-2 Slots

Not to be outdone, in 2022 our MRL-2 linear slot fixture took home the prize! At 2.5″ wide, you have the option of static white or RGBW color changing. The RGBW version gives the patient a distracting and soothing element in the room. It is also unique in that it has plug-and-play wiring and is the only solution on the market that can change color during the MRI scan!