A Change of Scene

Kirlin, a leading innovator in healthcare design, is excited to announce the expansion of our Scenic Panels collection, ushering in a new era of aesthetic possibilities for healthcare settings. These Scenic Panels offer a remarkable way to create tranquil and soothing atmospheres, making patient experiences more comfortable and serene. With over 100 unique options to choose from, Kirlin is taking healthcare design to the next level.

In the healthcare industry, creating a peaceful environment is essential. Our new Scenic Panels are a game-changer for healthcare spaces, from MRI suites to cozy patient areas and even behavioral health facilities. We’ve gone from offering just 14 images to an impressive 100+ unique options, allowing you to customize your space in a way that truly resonates with your vision.

These innovative Scenic Panels offer a wide range of designs, each carefully curated to transport patients and visitors to a world of comfort and relaxation. Imagine a sky view that allows patients to daydream among the clouds, a lush landscape that whisks them away to a serene meadow, or a fun pattern that brings the entire room together, even on the ceiling.

One of the standout features of Kirlin’s Scenic Panels is their flexibility. They come in various layouts, ensuring that they can seamlessly fit into any healthcare setting. These panels can be tailored to match the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of each individual client. In addition, clients have the option to choose their own image for a personalized touch, making each healthcare space unique and inviting.

Efficiency and convenience are paramount in the healthcare industry, and Kirlin has designed our Scenic Panels with this in mind. Installation is quick and hassle-free, allowing healthcare facilities to give their spaces a facelift without any disruptions to daily operations. This means that healthcare spaces can be transformed, enhancing the overall experience for patients and visitors. Additionally, if a change of scenery is desired, Kirlin’s Scenic Panel images can be easily swapped out to provide a fresh look, such as trees changing with the seasons.

In a field where comfort, tranquility, and aesthetics are crucial, Kirlin’s expanded Scenic Panels collection is set to make a significant impact. The innovative designs and customization options offered by these panels provide healthcare facilities with a unique opportunity to create spaces that promote healing and relaxation, improving the overall patient experience.

Kirlin’s commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare design has once again been underscored with the introduction of the enhanced Scenic Panels collection. Designers and healthcare facilities now have a powerful tool at their disposal to transform their spaces and create environments that cater to the well-being of patients and their visitors.

To learn more about Kirlin’s Scenic Panels collection and explore the stunning new options available, click here.