Kirlin Lighting Unveils Ambient+, White Light + Narrow Band Color in One Luminaire

Kirlin Lighting, a leading Detroit-based manufacturer known for its innovative and high-quality lighting solutions, proudly announces the launch of Ambient+, a cutting-edge technology integrated into 11 fixture designs, set to redefine lighting versatility across various industries.

Ambient+ is not just another product launch; it’s a technology that blends functionality, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Designed to serve the multifaceted needs of architectural spaces and healthcare environments, Ambient+ technology enables a single fixture to offer both static white and vibrant static color lighting, available in six narrow-band wavelengths. This dual functionality makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of applications, including architectural spaces, healthcare facilities, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Ambient+ technology has been seamlessly integrated into various form factors within the Kirlin lineup, including downlights and cylinders. The technology’s adaptability shines in applications ranging from pharmaceutical laboratories, backstage theatrical areas, and vivariums to critical healthcare settings like ICUs and operating rooms, where lighting can play a crucial role in patient care.

Moreover, Ambient+ is engineered with environmental considerations, offering turtle-friendly lighting solutions that mitigate LED lighting’s impact on wildlife. Its utility extends to mass transit systems, behavioral health facilities, and other areas requiring specialized lighting solutions, underscoring Kirlin’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

A Step Forward in Lighting Technology

“Ambient+ is the latest in a long line of lighting solutions Kirlin has brought to market to serve the needs of our customers.” says Chris Brownell, CEO. “Fundamentally it allows one fixture, one installation, to serve two very important — often life-saving — functions. The ability to optimize for visual acuity in static white mode, and then to optimize for safety, or for circadian support, or for environmental sensitivity in color mode, is an incredible tool that is now available to the entire lighting community. We cannot wait to see where this technology will lead us.”

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