Public Areas

Lobbies, waiting rooms, and public access spaces need lighting that’s not just beautiful but functional

Light Public Spaces with Kirlin

When most people think of the public areas of a healthcare facility – lobbies, corridors, waiting rooms, nurses’ stations, etc. – they think of the lighting in aesthetic design sense. But it’s important to not discount the function of the lighting here as well.  Lighting in these spaces need to have the same high color rendering, or CRI, as the patient rooms so that someone that is being wheeled down the hallway doesn’t get diagnosed differently than they would in their room simply due to a change in the lighting quality. These areas also benefit from thinking about infection control, so adding an antimicrobial paint finish, such as BioGard, is ideal.  And wayfinding is needed in step lights and nurses need task light at their stations to read and fill out paperwork – Hitsville to the rescue!

Public Areas FAQ

  • Is infection control a concern here?

    Yes, these spaces are still a part of the healthcare facility so Level 1 or 2 fixtures are a good choice to utilize in the public areas.
  • What about the lights in my big atrium? What's the best option for that?

    Kirlin's Symphony series of fixtures are excellent for these areas as they use a remote driver for easy maintenance.
  • Help! I have existing lights but want to upgrade to LED fixtures without ripping everything apart.

    Kirlin offers retrofit solutions for our legacy products. Please contact us for more information!