Operating Room

Sealed fixtures with high output, precise dimming, and static color options are critical in sterile operating rooms where the highest risk procedures and surgeries occur

Lighting Solutions for the Operating Room

In the Operating Room, sealed and recessed luminaires are critical to patient health, as a preventative measure against hospital-acquired infection (HAI). Patients are particularly vulnerable to nosocomial infections from the OR, and boom-mounted surgical lights can now be replaced with PRO 35 fixtures directly over the operating table, or the higher-angle PRO 45 for fixture locations that are set back further from the operating theater. Configurations of 4, 6, or 8 lights are ideal in these environments, with one or two wall controls and remote controls. As with all INFRALED PRO fixtures, the blue LED indicator easily highlights the light under active control, enabling rapid and accurate adjustment of the surgical lights from a surgeon’s fingertip.

In addition to procedural lights, Operating Rooms also require sealed healthcare downlights around the perimeter of the room, and sometimes static wavelength green downlights (MRR-08870) to illuminate the room for clinical staff while minimizing the disruption to the doctors who are focused on laparoscopic imagery on the monitors.

New From Kirlin: Ambient+

In operating rooms, Ambient+ two color switchable technology includes a static green lighting solution at 521nm, specifically designed to support surgical teams. This green light provides sufficient illumination for support staff to work effectively while minimizing eye strain for surgeons who frequently switch their focus between the surgical site and monitors. The unique wavelength helps enhance contrast on screens, reducing glare and making it easier to maintain focus during lengthy procedures. This application of Ambient+ not only contributes to a more efficient operating environment but also supports the well-being of the surgical team, ensuring they can perform at their best with reduced fatigue. Ambient+’s static green light stands out as a thoughtful innovation for modern surgical practices, balancing the need for precision and comfort in high-stress situations.

Operating Room Best Practices

Looking for our team’s latest insights on the lighting needs of the Operating Room? Check out this recording of “Best Practices” for lighting both the traditional OR and the Hybrid Operating Room. You’ll learn all about:

  • FGI guidelines for environmental controls in the three classes of operating rooms
  • Using IP66-rated INFRALED PRO recessed motorized exam lights to get around ceiling obstacles while providing surgical-grade light
  • Sealed downlights around the perimeter of the room for infection control
  • The use of static green downlights (521nm) to enhance monitor viewing
  • … and more!

Operating Room FAQ

  • Why is green (521 nm) lighting used around the perimeter of Operating Rooms?

    In the OR, green LED lighting has become widely adopted due to the growth of surgical videoscopy. The green hues enhance visibility of video monitors while maintaining sufficient ambient light for the safety of all individuals in the room.
  • How do motorized lights install into laminar flow ceilings in the OR?

    Laminar air flow is used in many Operating Rooms. To achieve the set amount of air changes per hour, most of the ceiling must be dedicated to this task. However, a small percentage of the ceiling real estate can be dedicated to procedural lighting.

    PRO 45 drops into a standard 2’x2′ grid and has a small footprint, to minimize the impact on airflow. And keeping the procedural lights recessed away from the surgical site has tremendous benefits, as the laminar systems are designed to function best with no impediments (such as a boom light) over the patient.