MRL-2 wins PIA Award

Kirlin is thrilled to announce that our MRL-2 family of products has won a PIA award from Architectural SSL Magazine! Designed specifically for the demanding MRI environment, we offer a turnkey solution that marries form, color quality (both white and RGBW) and the technical knowledge that comes from years of experience.

“The Product Innovation Awards (PIA) recognizes innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also spotlighting the players behind the components that make up these light sources.

With judging and evaluation of products and systems from a distinguished panel of 16 designers and lighting specialists skilled in product evaluation, the PIA program awards manufacturers based on attributes, qualities, functionality and/or performance beyond industry standards” says Editorial Director for Architectural SSL Magazine Jeanie Fitzgerald.

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Kirlin Launches Hitsville Task Light & Nightlight

A sleek and feature-packed luminaire for
healthcare & institutional settings

Ligature-resistant, IK10-rated, and available with capacitive touch and an adjustable light engine, the Hitsville task light (MTT-03TSK) improves the patient experience by creating a sense of control and autonomy over an unfamiliar space.

The companion nightlight (MTT-03NLT) comes with identical faceplates (pill-shaped or rectangular) and all the same listings and options, plus the addition of a photocell to ensure that the fixture turns on at dusk and off at dawn, providing safe light levels at all times.

Watch the system overview video here:

MRL-2 Wins Progress Report

We are excited to announce that our MRL-2 has been recognized by the IES in their 2022 Progress Report! Each year, the IES chooses products that contribute “uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry” and Kirlin is proud to have won this award three years running!

Check out the MRL-2 family of products!

Kirlin Introduces MRL-2 Slot Light for MRI Departments

Kirlin Introduces the Industry’s
Most Advanced MRI-Safe Slot Light

For decades, Kirlin has offered the broadest array of LED products on the market for the MRI suite. Our MRI-safe downlight, wall wash, adjustable, sconce, white panel, scenic panel, and cylinder products are now joined by a 2.5″ static white slot light, the MRL-02SWM, which delivers up to 800 lumens per foot in standard run lengths from 2 to 12 feet. Available in 4 color temperatures with 90+ CRI standard, this fixture adds one more tool to the specifier’s lighting toolbox from Kirlin, using the same MRI drivers and filters (MRI-CABNT).

We are also thrilled to be the first lighting manufacturer to provide a full RGBW solution for the MRI space, with the launch of our color-changing 2.5″ accent light, the MRL-02CCM. Like all Kirlin MRI products, this fixture is completely non-ferromagnetic and is ordered with all the necessary system components, including remote DMX power supply, customized RF filter, shielded plug-and-play wiring, and a pre-programmed wall controller with numerous color scene options — all provided by Kirlin as product number MRI-DMXPS.

Watch the system overview video here:

Check out the MRL-2 family of products!

Expanded Product Collection: Lighting Solutions for Behavioral Health

A Home-Like Aesthetic, Designed for Patient Safety

For decades, Kirlin has been dedicated to providing top-of-the-line healthcare lighting for clinical spaces. One of the most critical areas for patient safety and comfort is the behavioral health treatment/recovery center. As health systems and state governments around the U.S. have continued to invest in their mental health services and facilities, Kirlin has worked with key thought-leaders in the space to develop innovative lighting solutions that promote quality illumination and patient safety.

Our latest collection includes recent Fall 2020 additions such as ligature-resistant white and scenic panels, an IK-10 rated recessed motorized patient exam light, and a circadian-supporting orange/red or orange/yellow observation light for assessing patient safety at night.

IES Honors INFRALED PRO in 2020 Progress Report

Kirlin is honored to announce that INFRALED PRO has been recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society in their 2020 Progress Report! The esteemed annual Progress Report makes its selections each year based on a product’s “uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry.” 

INFRALED PRO is Kirlin’s latest family of recessed motorized patient exam lights, designed for ultimate infection control with IP66 rated trims and sealed housings. Kirlin’s system takes a revolutionary approach to providing procedural and surgical lighting in critical areas throughout the hospital, without the use of boom-mounted lights.

Watch the system overview video here: