And the Award Goes to…

The Progress Report Awards were announced at the IES Annual Conference in Chicagoland last week.  We’re over the moon to say that we’ve kept our (now 4-year) streak alive!  This award is given to products that showcase significant advancements in lighting and helps shape the future of the industry. 

So what product received the award this year? Surprise! We’ve DOUBLED our awards from the IES this year! Both Hitsville Task Light and the MCL Cove won the Progress Report.


Hitsville has made a marked difference in the behavioral health world. It is the first behavioral health task light on the market to offer an adjustable LED module for precise hot aiming and a flexible mounting position. As the only task light on the market in behavioral health to offer continuous touch dimming on the faceplate, it gives patients a small piece of control over their environment. With 3 field-changeable optics, the fixture is adaptable to different layouts and gives designers flexibility to choose what is needed.

MCL Cove

The MCL Cove light is the only MRI-safe RGBW cove light on the market, providing vivid, saturated colors that can change even during the scan. The fixture, like the rest of the SmartLED MRI family of products, provides all the components to make the fixture function, including a DMX controller with pre-configured color scenes. Both the MCL Cove and the MRL-2 linear slot offer plug-and-play RJ-45 connections for easy installation for the color-changing version.

Previous Winners


In 2020, our INFRALED PRO series won a Progress Report award for several features, including the various sizes that cater to the different needs of the hospital, the ability to change the dimming levels on the remote as well as move the fixture to where it’s needed, and it’s ultra-high CRI of 95+ to ensure quality lighting.

Behavioral Panels

2021 came along, and so did the IES award for our behavioral health scenic panels and white panels. With a robust frame and thick polycarbonate lens, these fixtures are up to the challenge for this demanding environment. Available in surface or recessed mounting, the surface version is the shallowest on the market.

MRL-2 Slots

Not to be outdone, in 2022 our MRL-2 linear slot fixture took home the prize! At 2.5″ wide, you have the option of static white or RGBW color changing. The RGBW version gives the patient a distracting and soothing element in the room. It is also unique in that it has plug-and-play wiring and is the only solution on the market that can change color during the MRI scan!