Nanaimo Correctional Centre

Nanaimo, BC

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: LRC-04CAD, LRC-06CAD, LRC-07VND, LRR-06120, LRV-06121, LRV-07465 & LSC-12RSD

Kirlin Rep: Mac’s II Agencies, Ltd

We’re excited to showcase our involvement in the redevelopment of the Nanaimo Correctional Centre in Nanaimo, British Columbia, a facility dedicated to the principle that those exiting should leave better than when they arrived. As part of this commitment to rehabilitation, the center’s design incorporates elements that promote a safer and more supportive environment for inmates and staff alike.

Spanning 200 cells, the new correctional centre is a testament to modern security and rehabilitative strategies. Kirlin Lighting is proud to have been selected to provide a suite of lighting solutions that meet the facility’s rigorous standards. Our products include 6″ and 7″ vandal-resistant downlights, which ensure durability and safety in high-risk areas, and 6″ adjustable fixtures that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of the lobby area. Additionally, our versatile LRC-12RSD “hockey puck” lights have been installed in various areas of the facility, including the gym.

We are thrilled to be a part of this important initiative and look forward to seeing the positive changes it brings. Thank you to Mac’s II for a great project!

Photo Credit: Government of British Columbia