Yale New Haven Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Couplet Care

New Haven, CT

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: MRT-04511

Specifier: Lighting Design: The Lighting Practice, Inc. Philadelphia

Providing comfort and support to healthcare patients with quality lighting solutions is a specialty of KIRLIN. Incandescent lighting, while comforting to patients, requires frequent lamp changes, which is disruptive to quality patient care. Yale New Haven NNICU/OB Renovation succeeded in providing better lighting while introducing a novel Couplet Care NNICU area.

“We are one of only two NICUs in the country to offer couplet rooms where mothers and their babies can remain together during their hospitalization.” reports Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. “This unique model brings to the NICU the same standard of care provided to healthy newborns by fostering skin-to-skin contact and supporting breastfeeding.”

KIRLIN  dimmable 5000L (5249 delivered lumens)  recessed LED rectangles with extraordinary cut off for patient visual comfort meet the needs of Practitioner examinations and patient comfort from energy-efficient LED. Furthermore, 40 of the 110 units were needed within one week, and KIRLIN delivered!