UNC Hillsborough MRI Suite

Hillsborough, NC

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: MRI-DMXPS & MRL-02CCM

Specifier: McKim & Creed

Kirlin Rep: KB Stephens

In our project spotlight, the UNC Hillsborough MRI Suite stands as a testament to the transformative power of lighting, beautifully illuminated by our MRL-02 color-changing RGBW linear slot lights. This suite uses the whole SmartLED MRI turnkey family of products, including remote drivers, cabinets, filters, and an intuitive controller. The controller allows for effortless color transitions with six preset scenes at the simple touch of a button. The flexibility to alter the suite’s ambiance to a favorite color allows a moment of connection between the patient and the clinician.

What sets the MRL-02 apart in the competitive landscape is our quad-chip linear technology, which allows for a vast range of saturated colors, such as the vivid pink shown above, unlike standard RGB solutions offered by competitors. Our capability to change colors dynamically during an MRI scan underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting design, making the UNC Hillsborough MRI a prime example of how advanced lighting can create not just spaces but experiences that resonate on a deeper level.

Thank you to KB Stephens for this project!

Photo Credit: Blum Construction