UHS Women’s and Children’s Hospital

San Antonio, TX

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: PRO-19045

Kirlin Rep: Native Medical & Spectrum Lighting, Inc

The new Women’s and Children’s Center at the University Health System in San Antonio is a wonderful example of the flexibility of the INFRALED PRO system. Our involvement in this pivotal healthcare facility focused on providing the motorized exam lights for the labor and delivery rooms, NICU, and ICU spaces, utilizing our INFRALED PRO 45s to achieve the critical angles of light required throughout the center.

Our INFRALED PRO 45 lights were chosen not only for their precise lighting capabilities but also for their uniform, easy-to-use controls, which remain consistent across different departments, ensuring ease of operation for healthcare professionals. Moreover, these lights are designed to be flexible in their aiming, allowing each fixture to be aimed at the same spot or, as shown in the photo above, two separate locations (mother and baby) simultaneously. This project exemplifies our commitment to supporting healthcare environments with top-tier, reliable lighting solutions.

Photo Credit: Cory Trent