OGH Imaging Clinic

Sunset, LA

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: MRI-CABNT, Private: MRP-22275, MRP-22290 & RFI-3100D

Kirlin Rep: Lighting & Electrical Associates, Inc

Undergoing an MRI scan — for some — can be downright scary. Patients with high levels of anxiety frequently report that the experience is a frightful one. Some are so afraid that they simply don’t show up for their scheduled appointments; many who do make it into the imaging room are so unnerved that their continuous movement within the machine can interfere with the scan results. With these concerns, many MRI imaging clinics are creating more comfortable and therapeutic experiences in their diagnostic environments with views of nature or open skies.

The OGH Imaging Clinic in Sunset, LA, chose to create an island paradise in a recently remodeled room, using Kirlin’s palm tree LED scenic panels (MRP-22290) along with LED white panels (MRP-22275) above the MRI imaging machine. To continue the theme, they covered one wall of the suite with a palm tree mural, creating the illusion of a tropical oasis with unique psycho-physiological benefits: calmer, more relaxed patients which lead to improved scan results. Along with the aesthetic benefits, the use of Kirlin’s SmartLED MRI Lighting System (including RFI filters and remote-mounted LED drivers) ensures that the lighting in this suite will operate swimmingly for many years to come.

Kudos to our rep LEA in Louisiana for coordinating this fun job – Jimmy Buffet would approve!