McKellar Mental Health and Wellbeing Centre

North Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: LNR-05077, LRC-06VND & MNT-03906

Kirlin Rep: Kenclaire Electrical Agencies, Inc

The Victorian government in Australia has been expanding the number of mental health beds across the state, which is home to the city of Melbourne.  Kirlin is proud to say that, with Kenclaire East’s help, we have been installed in numerous facilities in Victoria over the past year, including the McKellar Centre, shown here

Multiple Kirlin behavioral health products have been selected across these projects, including our LRC-06VND ligature-resistant 6″ downlights (pictured at McKellar), MNT-03906 rectangular nightlights, and LNR-05077 round nightlights.