Kadena Air Force Base

Okinawa, Japan

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: LRR-02027, LRR-04002, LRR-04400 & LWR-09496

Specifier: Leo A Daly, Minneapolis, MN, Stephen W. Nelson, PE

The Rocker Enlisted Club was a beloved part of this U.S. Air Force base in Japan, but, having been built in 1957, it was in dire need of updating. After two years of construction, it opened its new doors in May, 2018.

The architectural design pays homage to its host nation having been inspired by the asanoha kimono floral print. KIRLIN lighting is used throughout the 2 restaurants and cafe and in the game room, which boasts more than 80 entertainment slot machines.

Inconspicuous 2″ and 4″ recessed adjustables and downlights were selected for the dining venues with 1500 delivered lumens of high CRI LED so food and decor are visually appealing.

The dramatic entry with geometric structural elements reminiscent of the asanoha kimomo pattern, utilizes silver-finish wall bracketed cylinders with 2500L up/down illumination, wet label.

The enlisted members thoroughly enjoy all aspects of their new recreational facility and are proud their lighting is KIRLIN, created and manufactured in Detroit, Michigan since 1895.