ICORD Center

Vancouver, BC

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: LKR-08027

Kirlin Rep: Mac’s II Agencies, Ltd

ICORD, located in Vancouver BC, is a great example of where Kirlin excels.  Originally built in the early 2000s, Kirlin supplied the fixtures to illuminate the colorful and welcoming lobby with compact fluorescent cylinders.  In 2021, ICORD came back to Kirlin seeking to update the fixtures to LED technology without needing to do a full replacement. We provided a retrofit kit with a 1200-lumen LED module with a new reflector that mounts directly into their existing cylinders.  Because Kirlin has seen so many technology innovations come and go since 1895, we offer solutions to retrofit nearly any legacy Kirlin luminaire to bring it up to today’s lighting standards, all while minimizing waste and hassle.  Today, ICORD’s lobby is as energy efficient as possible, and ready for the next twenty years!