Good Samaritan Hospital

Lafayette, CO

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: PRO-09025

Kirlin Rep: Performance Medical

In 2020, we released INFRALED PRO 25 (PRO-09025), the healthcare lighting industry’s smallest motorized exam light, with the needs of the Neonatal ICU specifically in mind. We are thrilled to show you all the final photos of our first completed installation of this product — 14 PRO 25 fixtures with wall controls at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette, CO.

The facility, which delivers over 1,700 babies every year, recently renovated and modernized its Level 2 NICU to include 12 private rooms, including 2 for premature twins.

Big kudos to Kim Appel, our medical rep for Colorado, who identified this opportunity and brought it to fruition!

Photo Credit: Kimberly Appel