Cambridge Health Alliance

Cambridge, MA

When renovating their youth psychiatric facility in 2021, Cambridge Health Alliance embraced all the best practices we talk about in the world of Behavioral Health lighting. Not only did they incorporate safe ambient lighting in the form of ligature-resistant downlights and 2×2 panels, but they also added color and nature to these spaces that can often feel intimidating and devoid of life.

Kirlin’s award-winning 2’x2′ surface-mounted scenic panel MSV-22866 was used to introduce natural motifs such as autumn leaves (scene -A08) and springtime trees (scene -A04). And in the picture above, you can see a fun installation of StepLight MNS-05924 in various colors;  blue, green, orange, red, and yellow options were deployed around the facility. Kudos to Omnilite/Illuminate for this great installation that highlights just how healing a great mental health facility can be!