MRI Undercabinet is Here

We’re thrilled to announce another new addition to our turn-key MRI lighting product line – the MRI Undercabinet – designed to seamlessly integrate and bring a dash of brilliance to your workspace.

What makes our MRI Undercabinet a game-changer?

  • Task Illumination:  Shed light on important tasks, note-taking, and clinician duties with targeted brilliance.  Get the visibility needed for top-notch performance.
  • Patient Relaxation: Keep ambient lighting low to create a soothing environment for patients.  Bonus points for adding color-changing or Scenic Panels to the room, ensuring a more relaxed and anxiety-free MRI experience.
  • Smart Space-Saving: Designed to fit snugly under upper cabinets, our compact fixture optimizes every inch of the MRI Suite, leaving more room for what matters.

Discover more about the MRI Undercabinet and how it can add another option to the long list of lighting solutions from the #1 turn-key MRI lighting system – the SmartLED MRI Family