Kirlin Introduces MRL-2 Slot Light for MRI Departments

Kirlin Introduces the Industry’s
Most Advanced MRI-Safe Slot Light

For decades, Kirlin has offered the broadest array of LED products on the market for the MRI suite. Our MRI-safe downlight, wall wash, adjustable, sconce, white panel, scenic panel, and cylinder products are now joined by a 2.5″ static white slot light, the MRL-02SWM, which delivers up to 800 lumens per foot in standard run lengths from 2 to 12 feet. Available in 4 color temperatures with 90+ CRI standard, this fixture adds one more tool to the specifier’s lighting toolbox from Kirlin, using the same MRI drivers and filters (MRI-CABNT).

We are also thrilled to be the first lighting manufacturer to provide a full RGBW solution for the MRI space, with the launch of our color-changing 2.5″ accent light, the MRL-02CCM. Like all Kirlin MRI products, this fixture is completely non-ferromagnetic and is ordered with all the necessary system components, including remote DMX power supply, customized RF filter, shielded plug-and-play wiring, and a pre-programmed wall controller with numerous color scene options — all provided by Kirlin as product number MRI-DMXPS.

Watch the system overview video here:

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