BJC Parkview Tower Women & Infants Center, St. Louis

Motorized Medical: Birthing Suite/LDRP: MRS-17600

Specifier: Julie Donovan HOK, St. Louis, MO

The expansion of Barnes-Jewish Hospital to include the Parkview Tower and St. Louis Children's Hospital was motivated by patient-centric innovation.  The Parkview Tower represents an integrated center dedicated to women's health and specialized infant care. The design team selected KIRLIN flagship INFRALED®60 recessed, fully adjustable Birthing Lighting System because it met the "High Tech ~ High Touch" objectives established by BJC HealthCare.

INFRALED®60 is the only recessed Birthing light system in the world which delivers light at high angles, illuminating the birth canal so that childbirth challenges can be visualized early and medical intervention can occur promptly,  saving lives of both newborn and mother. The system is controlled by 2 modalities, wall and remote, which move the lights to the ideal location and adjust intensity.  The lighting never enters the mother's visual field, as the luminaires are positioned beyond the foot of the bed, matching the practitioner line of sight. High 95+ CRI with exceptional R-9 values ensure proper APGAR ratings of the infant. 

The staff love the convenience of the controls, the high levels of LED illumination which can be dimmed during labor, the lack of trip hazard or head injury from other styles of lighting which are not illuminating from a recessed location. Infection is prevented by the lights never being handled and the controls are effectively disinfected with isopropyl alcohol. KIRLIN, merely 123 years young, is honored to illuminate the births of new lives and new ideas!

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