Infection-Preventing INFRALED® PRO Patient Lighting System

Video & Application Overview

Using INFRALED PRO to Provide Safe,
Effective Lighting for Critical Care

INFRALED PRO is Kirlin’s new motorized, infrared-controlled, LED patient lighting system. Designed for ultimate infection control in critical environments, the recessed lightheads aim to task from wall panel and remote controls, significantly reducing contaminated surfaces in clinical spaces. The system includes four unique recessed LED luminaires, ranging in aperture size and maximum tilt, with IP66-rated trims, perforation-free housings, and Kirlin’s BioGard anti-microbial finish. INFRALED PRO provides a safe, easy-to-operate alternative to boom-mounted exam lights in a variety of settings, including ICU, Patient Room, Labor/Delivery, NICU, Cardiac Cath Lab, Hybrid Operating Room, Operating Room, and Emergency Room.

Watch the system overview video here:

While lighting requirements across critical patient care areas vary significantly, the configurable systems-approach of INFRALED PRO provides "one touch" direction and intensity control in every application with the optimal quantity and design of luminaires. Furthermore, Kirlin, American lighting innovators since 1895, has engineered luminaires with extraordinary quality of light, which provides the practitioner with generous and accurate illumination, for topical and deep cavity visualization. 

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) & Patient Room

In the ICU and patient room, patients are generally confined to a bed. A wide variety of exams and procedures occur in these rooms, and the need to perform emergency invasive operations within the ICU has been growing in recent years, according to the Center for Health Design. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified this trend. Effective exam and procedural lighting in the ICU should be designed to accommodate the entirety of the patient bed area, with ability to aim specifically to the task. This can be accomplished with one INFRALED PRO 35 (PRO-12035) directly over the patient, or with a pair of PRO 35 fixtures over the bed, for shadow control, additional intensity, and for the ability to illuminate two sites simultaneously. The direction of each light and system intensity is conveniently adjusted from a single INFRALED PRO wall control (PRO-WALLC) placed anywhere in the room. The use of a companion remote control (PRO-REMOT) ensures that the direction and intensity of illumination can be adjusted immediately by a practitioner anytime, and from anywhere in the room.

Labor & Delivery

In the Labor & Delivery suite, the most important lighting factor for a safe and healthy birth is the angle of illumination. A greater angle of illumination means deeper penetration of light into the birth canal. INFRALED PRO 60 (PRO-17060) offers an unparalleled 60 degree articulation, providing 64% deeper illumination than competitive products. PRO 60 is designed with two LED lightheads per fixture and is sold in pairs, to ensure shadow free illumination over the practitioner’s shoulders. The result is nearly double the amount of light on task compared to competitive products. Full-range continuous dimming to 1% permits a residential ambiance during labor or postpartum. PRO 25 (PRO-09025) fixtures are ideally positioned over the bassinet to provide lighting for visual examination of the newborn, as well as any emergency procedures that must take place immediately following birth.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The NICU can be a busy, cramped space, which simultaneously serves the purpose of a nursery, an exam room, an operating room, and a recovery room for the hospital’s youngest and most at-risk patients. Historically, portable exam lights have been a common solution for procedural lighting in the NICU, but they have numerous downsides: they can be underpowered, are difficult to find, and provide a trip-and-fall hazard for clinicians in an already crowded space. Furthermore, the rolling exam lights collect dust and debris, which can harbor infectious agents that challenge the NICU patients’ immune systems and vitality. Recessed motorized procedural lighting solves these past shortcomings. Kirlin's INFRALED PRO 25 (PRO-09025) has been designed specifically for the NICU. It offers 360 degrees of rotation and 25 degrees tilt from a discreet, 8" lens aperture. PRO 25’s smaller lower-output lighthead (up to 27,000 lux on task) with industry-leading color rendering provides safe light levels, precisely aimed. With the wall control (PRO-WALLC) and remote (PRO-REMOT), PRO 25 offers unparalleled flexibility in the NICU, while reducing clutter and enhancing patient outcomes through better illumination.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

The Cardiac Cath Lab is a specialized room designed for minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. The lab contains sophisticated ceiling-mounted imaging equipment, which interventional cardiologists use to evaluate blood flow within the arteries, to and from the heart. To perform these evaluations, clinicians first insert a catheter, a small flexible tube which is used to access the heart and blood vessels without surgery. This is typically done in the patient’s groin, arm, or neck. The need to support different catheterization sites, combined with the dynamic positioning of the imaging equipment and patient transfer table, make the Cath Lab a perfect fit for recessed motorized exam lights. In many Cath Labs, recessed exam lights must be positioned far from the patient transfer table to accommodate the other equipment in the room. The 45 degree angle of INFRALED PRO 45 (PRO-19045) ensures that the patient can be properly illuminated in every configuration. As the patient table moves during the Cath Lab procedures, there is a need for shadow free illumination of the upper body and the lower body, which is easily accomplished with a four-light system: two lights oriented over the upper body and two over the lower body, with all four luminaires controlled via a single wall panel and remote control.

Operating Room and Hybrid Operating Room

The Operating Room is a sterile environment where sealed and recessed luminaires are critical to patient health, as a preventative measure against hospital-acquired infection (HAI). Patients are particularly vulnerable to nosocomial infections from the OR, due to open wounds, incisions, and trachea. Boom-mounted surgical lights can now be replaced with PRO 35 (PRO-12035) fixtures directly over the operating table, or the higher-angle PRO 45 (PRO-19045) for fixture locations that are set back further from the operating theater. The PRO 45 is ideal for hybrid operating rooms as well, where ceiling-mounted imaging equipment and ventilation systems necessitate fixture positions further from the operating table. Configurations of 4, 6, or 8 lights are ideal in these environments, with one or two wall controls and remote controls. As with all INFRALED PRO fixtures, the blue LED indicator easily highlights the light under active control, enabling rapid and accurate adjustment of the surgical lights from a surgeon's fingertip.

Emergency Room

Triage and life-saving procedures in the Emergency Room take many forms, but one common need is the ability to concurrently address multiple trauma sites. A pair of PRO 35 (PRO-12035) exam lights in the center of each emergency room patient bay enables clinicians to direct high-intensity, high-color-rendering illumination to two separate sites simultaneously. For installations where lower intensity light will suffice, a pair of PRO 25 (PRO-09025) fixtures provides dynamic positioning from a smaller 8” aperture. Over the past decade, the number of patients admitted to the ER who are struggling with behavioral health conditions has skyrocketed. All INFRALED PRO fixtures are recessed and flush with the ceiling, to provide a calming environment with fewer physical hazards, enhancing the safety of patients and staff alike. Shatterproof polycarbonate lensing is available as an option. Consult Kirlin for availability of vandal resistant versions.

Kirlin has provided recessed motorized exam lights to the leaders in healthcare since the 1970s, and our team of engineers and hospital specialists are happy to help with specific applications of INFRALED PRO in critical care spaces throughout the hospital, and in other healthcare environments. Please contact us for additional information, design assistance, or to get a quote on your next INFRALED PRO system today.