Minimize Hospital Acquired Infections with Kirlin Cleanroom Rated Luminaires

Kirlin offers 12 unique, award-winning models of Cleanroom ISO 5 Class 100 rated sealed fixtures (housings and trims) which prevent particles larger than 5 microns from passing through the fixture. This protects both patient spaces (Protective Environment Rooms) and plenums (Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms). IP65 / IP66 rated sealed and gasketed trims prevent contaminated solids (dust) and airborne (sprayed) liquids from entering the luminaire through the trim / lens assembly. All Kirlin Cleanroom rated luminaires include IP65 / IP66 rated trims. The sealed, perforation-free housing protects the entire luminaire from contaminants.

Kirlin's ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom Rated Luminaires

FixtureSizeFunctionLumen OutputInfection Control
MRR-06847 6"Downlight2000-1500-1100LIP66
MRR-068486"Downlight2000-1500-1100LIP66, Type IC
MRR-075507"Downlight2500-1500LIP65, Type IC
MRR-078507"Downlight1500LIP65, Type IC
MRR-088808"Color-Specific Downlight1500LIP65
MRV-075607"Vandal-Resistant Downlight2000-1500LIP65, Type IC
MRV-085658"Vandal-Resistant Downlight5000-3500LIP65

Clinicians and Patients Demand Infection Prevention

The general public and healthcare professionals alike are aware that hospital-acquired infections can cause unnecessary pain, suffering, and even death. More and more, patients have the ability to choose the cleanest hospital with the best infection control, which has a direct impact on hospital revenue. Consumer-focused publication verywellhealth reports:

"Hospitals are dangerous places to be for several reasons. First, the only patients hospitalized are those who are very sick. These patients are at grave risk for 'nosocomial' infections, because their immunity is compromised, or because they have open wounds. According to the CDC, about 1.7 million Americans are infected in hospitals every year. Most are immunocompromised. Almost 100,000 of them die. Most of these infections are preventable. Your goal as a hospital patient will be to avoid being a hospital infection statistic."

Lighting Fixtures Play a Key Role in Infection Prevention

The ANSI/IES "recommended practice" guide covering lighting for hospitals and healthcare facilities (RP-29-16), states:

"Equally as important to hospital safety as illumination levels is infection control. Prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAI) includes policy and procedures to minimize the risk of infection in healthcare facilities via human-to-human contact, human-to-surface contact, or airborne contact. With the cost of healthcare constantly increasing, healthcare facilities are being judged by the amount of readmissions and preventable infections that occur."

The guide also identifies sealed luminaires as a means of preventing the spread of airborne contaminants:

"Protective Environment (PE) Rooms are positive-pressure rooms. Patients placed in PE Rooms have compromised immune systems. Luminaires are sealed to prevent air and particulates from entering the room through the luminaire.

Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Rooms are negative-pressure rooms. Patient placed in AII Rooms have or are believed to have a highly infectious condition. Luminaires are sealed to prevent air and particulates from escaping the room through the luminaire."

Partial List of Kirlin Cleanroom Customers:  

  • Cleveland Clinic Electrophysiology Lab (2019)
  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital (2018, 2017)
  • VA Medical Center - Minneapolis (2019)
  • Franciscan Health (2018)
  • Essentia Health St. Joseph Endoscopy and ED (2018)
  • Harrison Med Center MRI and Acute Care (2019, 2018)
  • Regional Hospital - Scranton (2017)
  • VA Medical Center - St. Louis (2019)

Kirlin is dedicated to reducing HAI by providing superior lighting solutions which help prevent infection propagation and transmission. Read our related White Paper to learn more.