Goose Creek Memorial High School Theater

Baytown, TX

Kirlin Luminaires Used In Project: LKR-08074

Specifier: Dustin Moser, Consolidated Independent School District, Baytown, TX

In 2007 KIRLIN provided Goose Creek Memorial High School 250 watt metal halide pendant mounted black cylinders for the auditorium. The active theatrical department was happy with the appearance and the light levels, but they sought “instant on” illumination, while retaining the quality of KIRLIN: seamless housings, visual comfort,  well-controlled color and uniform distribution. The Maintenance Electrician sought long life LED and 5 year warranty. The solution? KIRLIN LED Upgrade Retrofit Kit (U.L. Listed).

Dustin Moser, Master Electrician for the School District, contacted KIRLIN to identify the proper LED Upgrade Retrofit. He personally installed the retrofits and commented, “The ease of installation was very smooth. It went amazing! No complaints.”

With over 100 years of happy customers, KIRLIN offers them the opportunity to update to cost-effective UL LISTED LED Upgrade Retrofits for virtually all prior installations.  Customers can retain the original housings, while keeping the ceilings intact and simply install the LED lighthead assembly through the luminaire aperture. As always, servicing KIRLIN luminaires is simply accomplished through the aperture, where all components are visible and accessible. A new 5 year KIRLIN warranty enhances the value, which our customers know they can rely on KIRLIN to stand behind.