Kirlin's Architectural Division Introduces New Website

Kirlin is pleased to announce a new website dedicated to its Architectural Lighting division. The site can be found at and provides an overview of the division as well as detailed features and benefits of Kirlin products across 8 architectural lighting categories:

  • Choice Series 
  • Symphony Series 
  • Wayfinding Lights 
  • Shoreview Series 
  • Latitudes Series 
  • Kirlin Select 
  • Gazelle Express 
  • LED Retrofit Kits 

All Kirlin products are designed to last for decades. Modular construction promotes seamless upgrades to the latest, greatest, most energy efficient source technology, and cost-effective remodeling without disruption of existing ceilings. Our luminaire designers approach each new product opportunity with the same goal: to provide a best-in-class solution suited to the unique environment and specifier's present and future objectives. The result is a full array of LED products that deliver dependability, function, longevity, efficiency, and form.

Kirlin's Architectural line caters to several special environment applications such as: restricted "shallow plenum" environments ; humid and corrosive environments that demand wet listed and sealed housings; theater, performance spaces, and high ceilings that call for stellar performance and seamless DMX controls; and reliable and long-lasting, energy efficient outdoor lighting for transit terminals. Kirlin's luminaires are made in the USA and are durable, high quality, certified by UL, and covered by a warranty. All listings, codes, and photometry are documented by issuing authorities.

Based in Detroit, MI for the past century, Kirlin has over 125 years of experience designing, manufacturing and assembling lighting systems of superior quality and performance.